Superhost travel check

Hi, I got a message that I am entitled to a superhost travel check worth USD 200. Now I am wondering on what this entitles me to use it. Is it only for booking airbnbs for myself or can it be used outside the airbnb system?

Thank You!

Nice idea @Pia but Airbnb is not going to pay for you to book outside of its platform :slight_smile:

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OK, thanks. Wishful thinking. When I book an airbnb, does this check automatically pay for my lodging? Can I split it up and use it a night at a time?

You use it against one booking and yes the discount should show up when you go to pay @Pia

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Usually it comes as a coupon code, only usable on Airbnb. In the profile section of your account, look for payment methods. There’s a spot for you to enter the coupon code, which then credits the amount to your account. You’ll see the coupon code and the expiration date once its added.

Do be sure to read the fine print. I think some people found that you couldn’t use the coupon on more than one stay (meaning if you use it on a $120 booking, you just lost the other $80). It’s also not transferable - you have to use it yourself or lose it.

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It’s not a check – it’s a “coupon code” for $100 which you enter at the time when you book a place. It has a limited lifespan. No need to tell the host you’re using it, they still get full amount.

Stay in a less expensive place it could cover 2-3 nights. More than a $100 stay, you just pay the difference. One time – one booking use (cannot be split).


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Thank You so much KenH. Very important information to me. All the best :slight_smile:

Pia, you say the bonus was $200? We’ve had two such awards now but they’ve only been of $100 each. I wonder why the difference?

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I think she must be mistaken :pensive:

let me check. Got an email from ABB about some sort of reward for being a superhost 4 times in a row. I didnt open it. yes, I got 100$ too. it’s good for 1 year.

Yes, sorry. It is USD 100 :slight_smile:

And last time I received it, it was $132 Australian dollars
Maybe it depends on where you are and the exchange rate.

yes, we got GBP £76 or thereabouts. After Brexit it will probably be about GBP £150! (and don’t get me started about Brexit!).

Similar question: being a superhost 4 times in a row, I was offered to choose between two bonuses: either a $100 travel coupons or free professional photos of my listing. I’d choose the photo assistance, but first I’d like to learn a bit more on how this works. I would appreciate hearing experience of those who have already used professional AirBnB photographer’s services. Does the photographer chose which photos to include or the host can make the final decision?

First you need to find out if the photo service is available- I can’t get it where I am