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Superhost Relief Fund - any UK invitees yet?

Hi everyone,

I’m a UK superhost who seems to qualify in every respect for the Superhost Relief fund and was pleased by this gesture from Airbnb, after they overrode my cancellation policies… but as we’re now in the final days of invites being sent out I’m getting worried!

I’m retired (for health reasons) with only two listings at my home address, both self-contained with hot tubs and I am £’000’s down, so I really need any help I can get as, like many here, this is my living now!

So I’m just hoping to hear from other UK superhosts that have and have not received invites yet?

Thanks in advance,


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Bit of an empty gesture if you’re outside the US it would appear, I haven’t heard of anyone from Europe being invited. So far only four or five reported invites to forum members.


Hi @fen

I have heard of two people on the UK forum on FB that have had an invite and had received funding. No-one on this forum from the UK including myself (Superhost for the last five years with one listing that have had an invite.

A first time poster posted on one of the multiple other threads about this topic that he had received $2000. He was interested in having others post their amounts so we would have a list. He didn’t respond again and I’m not going to go look him up but I’m somewhat confident that he was in Europe somewhere.

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Yes he said he was from an Eastern European country. But as he was a first time poster and didn’t return I took his post with a pinch of salt. @KKC :slight_smile:


Trolling for content for a blog post probably.


I heard that the criteria (besides super host) was that they looked at your income in March 2020 vs March 2019. For me that wouldn’t show much because my season really heats up in April and the first half of March was booked. Kind of frustrated if that’s really how they are judging. I make most of my income from April - October.

Thank you… which forum is that please, as there appears to be several UK ones on FB?

Thank you those that responded. I guess we’re just about past the deadline now and I’m not feeling optimistic. In fact I’m feeling very let down by Airbnb and saddened that they have behaved in this cavalier and very opaque manner. :frowning_face:

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Where did you hear that?


On another forum on FB from someone who got some money.

Sorry I can’t remember but there are only two UK ones i have seen on FB so will be one of them or possibly both :slight_smile:

Hi Alan, I’m in the same position. Was SO hopeful that this gesture from AirBnb was meaningful. I absolutely fit criteria, have financial hardship difficulties and was COUNTING on the April bookings I had. To have them cancel overnight has been devastating. I contacted AirBnb and have had nothing helpful in return (just reiterated the criteria I am already well aware of). I’m feeling very disappointed and let down - it would have made an enormous difference if my guests had been invited to move their bookings rather than cancel. I wonder if you’ve seen the ‘discretionary fund’ which includes ‘b and bs which pay council tax’ recently announced in the UK? There’s only a very very small chance it might be applicable but I thought it might be worth keeping an eye on… All the best, Carolyn

So, out of all the hosts on this forum, we can count the number of hosts outside of the US, who we know got anything, on the fingers of one hand?

I think today is the alleged cut off day for invites, unless anyone has heard anything differently.


I wouldn’t in any way rely on being invited to apply for the SH fund @CSims

I don’t know what your circumstances are outside of Airbnb and whether you are working but would recommend the following

  1. If you have a mortgage you can apply for a mortgage break
  2. If you pay business rates you can apply for a grant
  3. If you are self employed you can apply for self employed benefits
  4. If you don’t work you can apply for universal credit

Fortunately in the UK there are quite a few temporary jobs working at places like Amazon, supermarkets, delivery drivers, health and care so you might want to look at some of these.

Finally if you have a whole listings you can contact your local health services and see if you can go on a list to provide accommodation for key workers.

You can also look at converting your STR to a LTR for the next three - six months.

As has been mentioned most guests travel for a specific reason for example a wedding, party, business trip, concert and have no reason to want to travel to a destination when that reason is no longer there, so there is no reason for a guest to want to move a booking. If Airbnb offered a credit rather than refund, there is little chance that would benefit you.

They extended it to the end of May for invites. It was on the updates yesterday.


There’s also a thing about travel insurance that’s interesting.

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Thanks for alerting us. It only took 11 years and a global pandemic but it sounds like maybe, just maybe, Airbnb is finally going to listen to host complaints.

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Hi guys I’ve had an absolute shocker with this . I was told over 8 times ( written down in messages ) that I qualify and to expect an invite . Then I was told I needed to have 2 Airbnb properties to qualify , then I had a message saying ‘my bad … no you definitely qualify ‘ . Then one saying we are only giving to those in need . My apartment is 100% Rented out by Airbnb - I’m usually fully booked March - July and have been empty paying WiFi , body corporate , rates and have had a leak . I have been stuck overseas with covid and can’t fly back as borders closed . They wrote yesterday and said if I haven’t received an invite as of yesterday - I didn’t get in . I don’t think anyone got it!!!

Hi @Jodie_Seal

Sorry to hear of your circumstances.

Only a small amount of those eligible actually got an invite.

Have you looked at other ways to generate income such as long term lets or offering to key workers by contacting hospitals directly.

Hi all,

I was also a fully qualifying candidate for the Superhost Relief fund but received nothing. I was fobbed off with ‘please be patient’ every time I chased as the deadline approached.

I would be very interested to hear from other Superhosts whether you did or didn’t receive anything. My fear is that this was all just a publicity stunt that coincided nicely with their huge private equity investment. To announce a Fund to assist Superhosts affected economically by Covid-19, raising everyone’s expectations of financial assistance and then not deliverIng is unethical. There has been no transparency, logical process or accountability - it smacks of a sham. I have asked Airbnb for an audit but have again been fobbed off.

I’m considering writing an article to expose this debacle to the wider press so any personal experiences/situations you have would be helpful.

All the best,

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