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Superhost Relief Fund - any UK invitees yet?

It was by invitation only, so there was no point in “chasing” it.

Good luck with that.

Are you here to simply gather free content for an article?


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Who have you been commissioned to write an article for @Katmac163?

I’m sure if you have read through the policy and posts on Airbnb community and other forums, you will have seen that only a small percentage of eligible hosts were invited to apply.

Not a scam just a scheme that was ill conceived. I agree Airbnb have not been transparent.

I’ve read several posts on various hosting forums where hosts said they did receive a grant. And the majority of hosts don’t even participate in forums. Just because you didn’t get one doesn’t mean no one did.

But I do agree it was mostly done for PR purposes and like everything Airbnb, non-transparent. They got way too many hosts’ hopes up only to to disappoint. They also changed the goalposts along the way- the original wording was that hosts who had held Superhost for at least a year were eligible, then it changed to 4-5 years.

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