Superhost photography choice

I got Sh today and chose photography.
what does this mean? i.e are they mine to use as I see fit, or only for airbnbn use<><>thanks!
/The [Terms of Service govern the rights of you and Airbnb regarding the photographs, except that if not specified therein you a will have a limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, revocable, non-transferable license to use photographs outside of the Airbnb Platform solely for your personal and non-commercial use in return for the rights you grant to Airbnb in the photographs. You recognize that Airbnb may use the resulting images for advertising, marketing, commercial and other purposes in any media or platform, whether in relation to your listing or otherwise.

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Also Interested in this. I should get my 4-in-a-row Superhost e-mail shortly.

[Edit: Got the e-mail. Now to choose.]

would mean you can not use the photos for other listing sites. If Airbnb would ever enforce this would be another matter.


There have been a lot of complaints over the years about Airbnb photographers. I’d think in the LA region they would have good ones though. And Brandt is correct, you aren’t supposed to use them on other sites.

TripA “scraped” Air’s photos, with ease three seasons ago, as have VRBO, BDC and Sawyers. No come back from Air.

I think it depends on your local photographer employed by Air, and as long as they’re not from the Plus Programme Disaster Area.

Did Plus die?

Nope. I was just looking at some Plus listings this week.

Congratulations Gypsy!! We finally got the Superhost email today as well.

Hopefully they will send me a talented photographer exactly when I am ready for them! My pics are already beautiful, but, of course, there are little tweaks in the decor and placement of stuff. The potted plants are always “problematical” :slight_smile:

We are in winter mode here @ Tiny Tiki, the custom tarp over the tiki gazebo ripped in the windstorm, and is down now and got resewn and 30 $ of tape stuck on it . Hopefully it will survive better now…
Bookings are coming in ( slowly) and the Glamping Hub IG photo of us has 2186 hearts!!!

What’s that, if you don’t mind?

We’re pondering taking the photos this time too instead of cash. The $100 reward equates to £75, so about 1.5 nights of income. The photo package is listed as £85. It’ll come down to the photographer and, without knowing who that’ll be, it’s a gamble.

I think there’s a chance the photos could return more than 1.5 nights in bookings, so I’m leaning that way. I don’t like the inflexibility of the need to use the photos, though. If we get them and they are good, they will be used on our other listings.

I understand that the photos taken by an Airbnb photographer can only be used on an Airbnb listing.

It would have helped if I’d got the name correct. “Sawdays. Special Places to Stay in…”.

It’s a fairly longstanding UK based company, pre internet days, that covers the UK and Europe. They do have some lovely properties; we have stayed in a few in France over the years, including on our Honeymoon.

The founder has handed over to his son, and they are trying to bring themselves into the C21st, but I was not impressed by the inspector who came to inspect. He slagged Sawday’s off, bragged about his own properties to the extent of showing me photos, and how well he did with Airbnb.

Not much of an inspection then. I didn’t follow listing with them up.