Superhost e-mail

Airbnb is helping to relieve the anxiety of waiting 10 more days to find out that you made Superhost for the quarter by telling you right away this assessment. All previous e-mails came on the 9th- 11th day of the month. This time the 2nd. One week of stress eliminated. Thanks Airbnb!

Yes, I know the real reason is that all reservations within the assessment period completed about 2 weeks ago… :crazy_face:


I just assume it is coming again I met all the metrics. So if you have the yearly numbers what happens if you have a quarter with no or few bookings would a host lose SH? I am thinking about the quarter going forward when most of us will have few to no bookings.

Somebody smarter than me must know this?


Even without the recent temporary changes to Superhost criteria, you would not lose Superhost status unless you miss the annual goals which are over the past 4 quarters (including the one with no/few bookings).

Thanks Brian


Yeah, I got the Superhost again, and even had enough bookings to qualify if they hadn’t suspended that criteria, as I imagine most of us had. It’s the July assessment where I won’t have enough, and likely the Oct. as well, as summer is my dead time when I rarely get bookings, so hopefully they’ll extend it.

Interesting info, thanks.

Hopefully they will change this procedure due to extenuating experiences.

Before the virus I rarely had more than a few days vacant in a month. I was surprised last summer (our off season in Florida) when I had more family bookings during the summer months than tourist bookings in the winter.

Three months without being open will really shoot that full of holes.

AirBnB was nice enough to send me this patronizing email yesterday.

Whomp whomp.