Superhost bleiben bei Übernahme von AirBnB-Haushälfte/ Eigentümerwechsel? [NOTE: English translation added in thread.]

Seit 1,5 Jahren verwalten wir eine Haushälfte, die regelmäßig über AiurBnB vermietet wird. Das ganze Haus hat aber bis vor kurzem dem Vorbesitzer gehört und so lief auch die AirBnB-Vermietung über seinen Namen und seinen Account. Die letzten ca. 20 sehr guten Bewertungen und die Einstufung als Superhost haben wir erreicht, allerdings eben über den Account der Vorgängers. Nun haben wir das Haus gekauft und alles soll jetzt natürlich auf uns umgeschrieben werden. Wenn ich alles auf meinem eigenen AirBnB-Account anlege, verliere ich sämtliche (sehr guten) Bewertungen und natürlich auch den “Superhost”. Wie kann ich das verhindern? Heißt: wie kann ich die guten Bewertungen und den Superhost mitnehmen? Wer hat Erfahrung damit?

This is an international but primarily English language site. If you can post in English far more possible members might be able to help you.

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For 1.5 years we manage a half of the house, which is regularly rented through AiurBnB. The whole house has but until recently owned by the previous owner and so ran the AirBnB rental on his name and his account. The last 20 very good reviews and the classification as a super host we have achieved, but just about the account of the predecessor. Now we have bought the house and everything should now of course be rewritten to us. If I put everything on my own AirBnB account, I lose all (very good) reviews and of course the “superhost”. How can I prevent this? Meaning: how can I take the good reviews and the superhost? Who has experience with it?

Unfortunately, I don’t think you can. If you were managing the property, you should have been using your own account all along.

Thank you Robin 1 for translation. Sorry, I could have wiritten it in English right away. My mistake!

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The half of the house we rent is in Spain. The spanish fiscal authorities take taxes and the house is licensed at the tourist office and the Guardia Civil. As long as the previous owner got the greatest part of the money, of course he also paid the taxes; under these circumstances of course the house was rented via his account. Still the point is tahat we have been the caretakers, hosts and very good-feed back-collectors in the last 1,5 years and so I would love to find a way which allows me to at least take over a part of the good evaluations.
Does anybody have experience/ a good idea?

I’m wondering if the previous owner can simply edit his account. In other words, delete his name and add yours in. He would also need to update the ID. Hence, transferring the account to you. Just try it and see if it works.

Or maybe have him add you as a co host and then eventually switch u to primary. I think this is what a host did where I stayed a couple times.


I think that @Militaryhorsegal has come up with the solution here.

Thank you all, especially militaryhorsegal for your answers! This seems to be a good idea. I´ll talk about it with the previous owner!

I would not suggest trying this

It will likely result in a closed account. My niece tried this - she was 17 when she signed up as her dad (since 18 is the minimum age), then when she was 18 tried to switch it over to herself. Airbnb put a verification hold on the account and cancelled all of her upcoming guests. It was quite a mess. She put dad back as the primary and airbnb released the hold, and the account is now “John & Susie”, which is dad & daughter.

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We recently sold our airbnb superhost 100 plus reviews and despite the statements on air saying no transfers the new owner called and got it switched to her.

No offense to you of course, but I completely and strongly disagree with what the OP is trying to do and what your buyer did. What makes a 5 star Airbnb is far more than just the physical building it’s the work of the host. And if Airbnb is going to allow any kind of transfer of reviews it should be completely transparent. A section that says “this airbnb is under new ownership” with link to the old reviews and profile.

This seems to be just another thing I’ll have to check for to make sure I’m staying with the host that the reviews are for.


Wow. Can you share with us how you did this transfer?
100+ reviews moved from one account to another?
I saw a lot on Spanish sites people were looking to buy Airbnb accounts. I wasn’t sure what was the purpose. I thought it was to create some imaginary villa for 500€ A night. If reviews are possible to transfer then it’s a whole different story…

I was NOT happy about it. We worked very hard for those reviews. Good and bad.

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The new owner called and did it. I had nothing to do with the transfer.

I wonder if you called and said you objected if they would care?

Thanks for sharing this info

That is not okay! What if you wanted to open another AirBnB? Those reviews should stay with your account. Also, guests are being tricked into thinking this is a great host when they might actually be horrible! I would be complaining until they fixed it!!

Agree. If the reviews are good and you plan to use Airbnb in the future you need to request them transfer back to your account.