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Superhost bleiben bei Übernahme von AirBnB-Haushälfte/ Eigentümerwechsel? [NOTE: English translation added in thread.]


The discussion is quite interesting. Thanks for all your comments.
I think the difficulty is that reviews always refer to both: the host AND the accomodation. So as I see it, somehow they belong to both, the host and the location, somehow 50/ 50.
I like very much the idea that BnB creates something appearing on the account indicating that the owner has changed recently and offering a link to the reviews of the old owner. This would really be a transparency!


Wow @AJVal

What did Airbnb say when you contacted them to object to them giving the reviews that you had built up to someone who had not earned them. And giving your photos and copy that you had created to a new host?

This is literally unheard of and completely unethical.

I would very much appreciate any feedback you can offer on this.


Sorry I can’t agree the reviews belong to the host. It is the host that decorates and furnishes the property and provides the amenities. It is the host that keeps up the standards for cleanliness, communication, accuracy etc. that the listing is rated on.


Really it just happened week before Christmas. And the year of both parents dying and losing/selling my business I have zero energy left to fight airbnb. Heck I’m still fighting AT and T about my moms cell phone bill. Mental health wise I’m not fighting any battles not required at this time. It does make me feel better others agree with me. I’ll still peak in here to see how it’s going for others. I got such good ideas/information here THANKS!!!


Sorry to hear about your situation @AJVal - what a terrible year for you.

Perhaps easiest to go in and delete your listing, if you don’t want someone to benefit from your hard work and good will you built up and aren’t intending to list another property going forward.

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