Superhost and awards for hosts

At least when you are a superhost with airbnb, there are a few little perks. You get your voucher from them to use. I started with and they have harder customers and I got an award today for guest review award for 2017, an electronic one. I think I would rather have a voucher!!!

I don’t get enough guests from Tripadvisor and Wimdu, all scores 10 and nothing.

Is Airbnb the only platform that gives an real award ?

You consider $100 a year a real award?

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I love my SH voucher.


€100 here but no in fairness but I would like to see all platform reward their hosts better as its the hosts who are the backbone of any business like airbnb etc but I will get a night away with the family for free, and I have another €100 they gave me for something else I cant remember.

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Rather than vouchers we may never use they need to put that money toward better coverage should we hosts get canceled on. We are being made the trip insurance for all the guests who cancel on EC. I just forked out $1000 so the guest could save her trip.


i saw your post about that, I think I would cry if I lost that amount of money

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Off topic, but since travel insurance came up …
I just saw following write up in a listing for here:

Travel Insurance: Travel insurance is highly suggested.

Purchase your travel insurance within a week of purchasing your plane flight. We highly recommend that you add, “cancel for any reason” to your policy. Although normal trip cancellation will cover you for illness or injury, or for a travel companions illness, injury or death, it is limited to these. With “cancel for any reason” you will receive a percentage (usually 75%-100%) of all pre-paid costs. With this coverage if something comes up, a wedding, a new job opportunity, injury or illness or other unforeseen reasons, you will be also covered.


Superhost in Sept '17. Award? What award?

Change your cancellation policy to strict. Don’t feel bad if they cancel unless they can prove to Airbnb (and then Airbnb proves to you) that it is extenuation circumstances.

It’s a pity they then bite a chunk out of the SH award voucher with airbnb fees.

Fee free awards please abb!

Cancellations is really becoming a big issue on both sides. Airbnb is taking a lot of heat from hosts and guests. They need some sort of trip insurance plan. This story was in the news recently. A guy booked and then cancelled 10 minutes later and is suing Airbnb because he couldn’t get a refund of $7500.

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Maybe Airbnb could sell insurance to the guests for a reasonable price? That why if something went wrong they could fall back on the insurance or kick themselves for not taking it out.
I have a strict cancellation policy and I want to keep it that way but I am starting to feel it may no longer be an option in the future. As @konacoconutz rightly states we are becoming the insurance. I had heard, but no idea where, that you pay a higher commission for a strict policy.
As hosts we cannot compete with the hotels on this one. Running 100 rooms and aiming for say 80% occupancy is a very different kettle of fish to having one room or one property. A room cancellation when you have 100 is not a big issue.


Now, they are sugesting for hosts with strict cancelacion policy to add a 48 grace period.
"Strict with grace period — Free cancellation
Cancel within 48 hours of booking to get a full refund when the reservation is two weeks ahead.

Kona has a strict policy. Under Air’s extenuating circumstances policy it doesn’t matter what your settings are the guest gets a full refund if they can supply documentation that certain conditions were met. It could be a death in the family, the traveller’s health or weather conditions that prevent travel. In effect, Airbnb wants hosts to be travel insurance providers.

Also you should be aware that even with a strict setting the guest gets 50% of their money back if they cancel 7 days before check in. So if you have a $2000 booking and they cancel they are refunded $1000. The chances of getting a last minute replacement booking of that size aren’t great.

LOL. Airbnb doesn’t have to prove anything to you and they won’t.

Welcome to the forum. You can learn a lot if you hang around and read all the posts.

I’m not sure you understand how Air works.

I DO have strict. The guest canceled 9 days before her booking of my two most prime and lucrative weeks of the year. She immediately got half back. Air closed the case when she didn’t get her proof in and issued the payout. The next day they said they received her documents and took it back. I’m in shambles over this cancellation and had to borrow money to pay my mortgage. It’s been rough.

The lady saved her trip while I ate s#$t. Not the first time this has happened but never with this much at stake.

I essentially wrote a check for her trip out of my pocket. They are still docking me. I won’t have a full payout for a couple of weeks.

A couple of years ago this was in beta, in Italy, I think. It’s coming to the rest of us, so we have to be ready.

AUD100 voucher I got is only worth €64 at today’s exchange rate. Ouch.

is it USD100 throughout the world? or 100 Euro/AUD/USD…

I wouldn’t know!!!

Have some lovely friends passing through St P, in June I think, on a cruise.

I wouldn’t mind doing that, but they should make it 24 hours, and as long as the reservation is more than 30 days away.

They should offer trip insurance when a guest makes a reservation and if the guest declines they should get a warning informing them that if they have to cancel for any reason they wont get a dime of refund.

Then Airbnb could rest easy knowing they did everything they could to protect the guest, but the guest rejected it. Then Air wouldn’t have to feel guilty about making them pay.

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