Superhost 5 times in a row... whopp-dee frickin'-doo

Here’s what I get for being a superhost…

Now, it’s time to celebrate! Your new Superhost rewards include:

Profile badge

A trusted symbol for hospitality featured to guests across the site

Search filter

A dedicated search filter lets guests narrow their search results to Superhosts

Priority support

Faster response times when you call Airbnb or tweet @AirbnbHelp

Extra perks

Access to exclusive discounts, services, events, and more

There’s really NOTHING of any value in those perks.

A profile badge that people have no clue what even is!

A search filter IF a potential guest searches ONLY superhosts… no one actually does that though.

Faster response times when I call airbnb? Give me a break. This is absolute BULLSH*T. They’re gonna answer when they are ready. My being a superhost isn’t hurrying them up at all.

Exclusive discounts, services, events and more? WHERE? What exactly are these discounts, events or services? I’m not seeing them.

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What were you expecting?

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I was expecting not be jerked around like they’re doing. They act like being a superhost is something great and superhosts are rewarded for being so awesome. The rewards are bullcrap. I was expecting something I can use. Something that benefits ME.

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I’m going to disagree mildly… I have gotten three $100 travel vouchers and used all three.

When I stay in Airbnbs I search first with two filters on: SH and Instant book. I only take them off if there isn’t anything suitable with them on. I’ve had more than one guest tell me they only stay with SH. Is it a ton? No, it’s handful. They aren’t in a position to give us anything of substantial monetary value. They can take money out of one pocket to put in another but then they have to make that up somewhere. I’d rather have another travel voucher than an airbnb book or quarterly magazine. I did appreciate the first aid kit and CO detector I got when I first signed up.

The SH help line used to be better but I’m not so sure anymore. The exclusive stuff? That definitely doesn’t exist yet.


I doubt 1 in a 100 have mentioned it, only one person I recollect has looked at the book, maybe a couple at the magazines.

I think I have only called once in the last 2 years and they answered reasonably quickly but screwed up and I sorted it out later using Twitter.

I have a very large Emotional Support Animal and would not feel comfortable taking him to other listings.

Didn’t you get the $100 voucher?

Just what I was thinking.

We’ve been SH since our first assessment. It’s no particular big deal but nice to have. This isn’t some sales team where we’re working for commissions and bonuses.

I have had plenty of guests who have told me that our great reviews plus the fact that we’re SH has tipped the balance our way when they were booking. That’s all I need - bugger discounts and events.

We we just notified of being SH 4 times in a row. Not only did I get the “regular” Superhost $100 voucher a couple weeks back; today I got a message giving me a second $100 voucher for being SH 4 times in a row.

Granted, $100 isn’t a huge deal, considering the millions (billions) they are making off of us. But it sure as heck is better than nothing, and will pay for our Labor Day trip…


I got my Superho notification today too. :rofl::rofl:


I got super host today too! I am excited. So what the rewards aren’t that exciting, its not like it was terribly hard to get either. I don’t even know what I would hope to be rewarded with if I was daydreaming about it- what would be a good reward? $100 credit would be nice but I assume that is if you do it for a year or something?

If you don’t have high expectations then you’ll never be disappointed. If you still believe ABB loves you then get over it my dear.


Yes. Every fourth quarter of Superhost-dom gets you a $100 voucher which must be used within a year.

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Such as? Please tell us more, how do I access these goodies?!!!:scream_cat::slot_machine::slot_machine::slot_machine::slot_machine::slot_machine::slot_machine::slot_machine::slot_machine::slot_machine::free::free::free::free::free::free::free::free:

I’ve only been doing ABB for 2 years and been a super host the whole time, last time I got my $100 voucher I also got a second one a few days later. I assumed it was an error. But I’ve used both to make bookings and they both worked.

Someone else posted that they got two and then Air took one away. Was it @Arlene_Larsson? Anyway I’ve been a Superhost 15 straight quarters and I only get one voucher a year.

now im thinking if u have 3 properties - better to have 3 accounts? then u get 300 ))


The don’t allow that. I’m not sure how they regulate but someone posted here recently that she had an account and then tried to put her bosses new investment property under her name and got them both banned.

I also received two $100 credits about six months ago, but I’m not sure why. Maybe it has something to do with four in a row as @KenH said. We have applied both to trips in June.

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Exclusive perks for SH;

  • Extra referral bonus - Earn an additional 20% bonus on top of our standard host referral bonus.
  • Superhost bonus - For each year of maintaining Superhost status, choose between a $100 travel coupon or one free professional photo session in available markets.
  • Discounts on Nest products - Get 30% off select Nest connected home products, in available countries.
  • Discounts on experiences - Book discounted experiences on Airbnb—from concerts and food tours to classes.
    Nothing to get excited about