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Superhost 5 times in a row... whopp-dee frickin'-doo


We got Superhost a couple of days ago, too. It was our first eligible quarter and, perhaps because we’re still new, it did feel like an achievement and recognition albeit relatively small.

@Mike_L, it was the following perk that intrigued me most:

Custom URL
Build your brand with a custom URL to make your listing easier to find and share.

I’m going to try and keep an eye on that one as it could really help market our listing.


@K9KarmaCasa & I are of a different but similar mind.

I don’t want to lose my SuperHost status. Some of my older guests have told me they feel better about staying with a superhost because they are new to the platform & don’t know what to expect.

When my air-conditioning died on July 2nd and couldn’t be fixed until after the July 4th holiday and I had to cancel a family’s holiday reservation (I felt awful), the Airbnb Superhost customer service was wonderful.

This superhost status I received the usual $100 voucher PLUS a choice between a second voucher & free photography.

Although the SuperHost items aren’t huge, they aren’t required to give us anything. Any freebies work for me!!!


Several of you have now posted about this. I hope they are still giving out extras in July when I’m due to get mine. I use mine each year on a fall trip.


That’s great - I want it!


My Superho email said there will be new standards to meet by July.


Yes the new standards are already in effect as of April 1st. But I still expect to qualify and it will be my 16th quarter in a row so I want double vouchers if the 4 quarters in a row people are getting them. LOL.


I like this one, I’ve booked a few and they’ve been great, some quite expensive so I do feel as a host I deserve a discount :wink: