SUPER POLL- What topics do you guys interested in(cleaning, guidebook, reviews, profits, furnishing, etc.)?

Hi everyone!

We all know it’s not that easy to be a successful host. Have you ever met some difficulties when operating your business? Come to choose one or the one you are most interested in.

  • How to write a word template for house manual?
  • What are useful software for hosts?
  • How to price for house?
  • How to respond negative reviews?
  • How to make rooms more special and attractive?
  • How to find cleaning companies?
  • How to avoid complains from property or neighbors?
  • How to set cancellation policies?

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Let’s work together to figure them out! Join to share your own solutions and recommendations! Thanks a lot!

No need for a poll, let alone a “Super Poll”. Answers to most of your questions have already been flogged to death in the thousands of posts here, so we’re not prone to answering them again. Use the Search function.

We’re here to help fellow hosts with answers to specific problems, not do everything for you. If you have some of those questions, ask them.

Many of your questions are location specific, or too vague and general, and cannot be answered generally.


You wrote pretty much what I was thinking…



Hello @Edinburgh44

Are you a host or are you providing a support service/blog/website aimed at hosts?

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That is just a simple poll, not a super poll at all :wink:. Look at this SUPER POLL on Check IN / Luggage drop off / Check OUT / Luggage storage / that’s a SUPER POLL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

You joined this forum in October, but you’ve never really participated at all: Of course that is no obligation. Just wondering, why do you actually need this information? What is the added value for us or for you? I don’t really see it.