Suitcase on a bed

So, Dear hosts!
You meet your guests, they come into your BnB and the first thing they do they put a suitcase on your nice comforter. What will you do? What do you recommend to do in such situation?
Those guests leave tomorrow and I have another guests come tomorrow. I just hope there are no dirty spots on my comforter. I will have no time to fix it.
Thank you!

Do you really want to revive the duvet vs comforter battle ? :grin:


It might seem obvious but a luggage rack (foldable) is a good idea. In one apartment I look after, we always make sure that it’s ready and noticable when the guests arrive. In our own rental there’s a table in the bedroom that will hold a suitcase.

But if you know that a guest has put a suitcase on the bed, can’t you just ask them to remove it?

I do not read this forum on a constant base. Was here the duvet - comforter battle?

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Jaquo, thank you! I will get a luggage rack. I do not have one. If I see no luggage rack on my trips, I will never put my suitcase on a bed. Brrrrrrr. I am a microbiologist :slight_smile:


I don’t either but guests will be guests :slight_smile:

Another alternative is to buy a cheap but attractive throw that can go onto the bed if there isn’t room for a rack.

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Well that is their purpose. Protect the sheet/duvet and the bed. :joy:

That is what I do if I go to a hotel. Throw my suitcase on the bed to unpack it.
When I want to sleep, I throw the spread/protection thing on the floor, do not want to sleep under something where everyone throws his suitcase on :smiling_imp:

I understood my mistake :slight_smile: thank you!
do you have any creative ideas what else I can use for guest’s luggage?

I have these: Three of them; one for each guest. They get used, and I am thanked profusely by older guests who hate to bend over for a suitcase on the floor. They fold easily for tucking away.

Smtucker, thank you for your input, I will go to Marshalls or Homegoods to take a look for something…

In the U.S. a comforter is a blanket, not a protector.

We have a luggage rack, but many of our guests have more than one suitcase. We don’t have room in the guest room for more than one luggage racks. Our solution was to get black blankets.

It’s kind of a forum joke. Every time comforters/bedspreads/duvets/duvet covers/quilts/coverlets or any of the other items used as the final, top cover on the bed are mentioned people start discussing the difference between the different items and what is the right way and wrong way to use them. If you search for “duvet” you can find more discussion than you ever dreamed possible.

Even having a luggage rack or two won’t guarantee that no one puts their suitcase on your bed.


I do not care what it is called, if is on top, it gets abused.

If you are renting your place, the top layer should be some kind of protection.

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I gotta agree with Chris – when I travel the suitcase goes on top the bed as soon as I walk through the door. Almost everyone I know does it. Microbiology or not, it’s darned convenient, so I would suggest getting used to the idea that people are going to “abuse” your top cover by whatever name.

And as also mentioned that heavy top thing is going on the floor or a chair or someplace when I crawl into bed, unless the temperature is sub-zero and the heat is turned off. I want a sheet over me; at most a light blanket. Otherwise, I sweat so much you’ll have to wring out your top thingy.

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@Marina – In hotel rooms, that strip of material near the foot of the bed that is wider than a table runner and is like upholstery-fabric, serves to protect the spread or coverlet from luggage marks.

I prefer to set my suitcase on it rather than the metal or wood collapsible stand. I know those stands aren’t flimsy but we pack our suitcases on the bed and it’s natural to unpack them from there as well.

Suggest you get a nice bed ‘runner’ to coordinate with your décor if you can’t find the luggage stands.


I have upholstered benches, purchased cheaply at a discount store. When I walk with the guests into the room I say “and these benches are for your luggage; please don’t put them on the bed”.

Not 100% success, but quite a bit.

Your space needs either:

  1. a luggage rack
  2. a bed scarf
  • guests must have a place for luggage and the ability to empty it and repack it.
    Hopefully, 90%+ will use the luggage rack or bed scarf to place dirty luggage
    The other 10% are in the ozone and that is that; we are stuck with them.
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Never ever never ever seen them at Marshalls .

Hi @jaquo,

Agreed. Any suggestions for suitable luggage racks? Links appreciated. Something that stacks vertically would be good. My room does not have much space in it.

ADDENDUM: Having looked at, where the luggage racks appear to be small tables, I’m wondering how this is better from just piling the luggage on the floor.