Stupid guest stunts

My last guests were mild mess, leaving wet towels on hardwood floors in the hallway, draped over furniture, etc and moved bedroom furniture trying to make a dining room for 4 in a 9x11 bedroom. I sent a polite note asking them to put the wet linens in the bathroom hamper and to leave the furniture alone. They left me a 3 star review too, docking points on accuracy, value, and location! The review said “not bad” and nothing more.

I got over that and did the final cleanup details this morning and went to refill the hot water pot and found two hard boiled eggs left inside!??!!

I provide a microwave and coffee/tea items. This group created terrible cooking/food smells to the point that I ran an ozone generator for 24 hours. I’m glad I didn’t have other guests coming that night. The egg thing really surprised me. Check everything!


Great advice. I have a glass kettle and thought of getting a stainless steel one so I wouldn’t have to carefully polish the glass but you’ve got me rethinking that.

I had a guest leave and his dog caused some minor damage. It took me two days to notice a nightstand drawer knob had been chewed on.

What is that? Something that can’t cook eggs, presumably :slight_smile:

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consider yourself lucky they didn’t boil the egg in the microwave.

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That has happened. I have a little plastic microwave soft boiled egg maker and some guests put a shelled egg in it and blew it up. They cleaned up and actually told me about it. We all had a good laugh.

It now has a label that reads “water only”

Is it like a kettle?

At work we had a multi warmer coffee maker with hot pad for regular & decaf coffees and one for hot water. Every day there would be 2-6 eggs in the hot water pot—keto dieters’ snacks

It was a hack someone found in the internet

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I’m sure I read on this forum where another host found evidence of eggs being cooked in the water kettle, so I don’t doubt this is published somewhere. I have a clear glass kettle, so I would see it immediately, at least.

I am sure you did read that because I was goint to remark this is at least the 2nd time I have read of a host finding boiled eggs in their electric kettle.

I’m much more put off by the fact that they left them in there. It would have been easy to refill the pot and not see them. It is a tapered pot and very difficult to clean inside.

But the saga continues. I always check the lower tray on the Keurig coffee maker and I found grounds in it. Hmmm-- what is that all about Looking closer at the holder for the coffee pod, I found a lot more grounds there. A quick look in the trash found a Keurig pod with the foil top cover removed. DOH! And there were half full coffee cups on the shelf with the clean ones— one with a bunch of grounds in the bottom. Sigh… working with the public is a never ending joy and education.


Guest review: 3 stars “Great house everything is perfect except the coffee maker is broken, it puts grounds in the cup. Otherwise perfect!”


Oh yes it’s posted! And as a flight attendant I’ve seen soooooo many things LOL

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How gross. Are ramen noodles really classed as food? :roll_eyes:

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LMAO depends who you ask lol

Someone told me when I started to charge a security deposit… if they can’t afford a security deposit you probably don’t want them eating ramen out of your coffeemaker either :rofl:

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I can’t wait for the first shared-space host to post on this forum how a guest cooked bacon on the clothes iron in their bedroom.


They’re a favorite of college kids, ditto for most of the other things mentioned, which makes me think the article @Betty_A linked was probably originally meant for dorm room cooking instead of hotel room cooking.

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In the 70’s & 80’s, coffee pots & toaster ovens, were not allowed in dorms. Every one had a popcorn popper & small pot for heating water (microwaves just hitting market—huge & cost almost as much as tuition for a semester)—we prepared ramen noodles, postum, grits, scrambled eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches, boiled eggs, baked cakes, and occasionally popped corn and heated water for tea.

Looks like each generation finds a way to slip around the rules.


Awesome that you have an ozone generator ready to deal with smells. All I have is Febreze. :laughing:

It was a grilled cheese sandwich and I washed the iron.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: