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I thought this might come in handy for my long-term rental, and the website shows Phoenix as a city with the service is available, so I checked it out. Well, here’s some feedback for TIDY:

  1. First, it seems to be mobile app only (face palm). So I switched to mobile and get the app.
  2. Go to sign up, and there are 2 options: Home and Airbnb.
  3. When selecting “Home”, it asks for my zip code, so I put it in and it says they’ll contact me when the service is available in my area. Seriously (face palm)? I’m just 3 miles from the Phoenix city limits which claims to be supported.
  4. When selecting “Airbnb” it says “Add Pro…” which I immediately think means setup an account as a cleaner since the terminology used by this app/website for cleaners is “Pro” (face palm). But I selected this option, and the next page is titled “Add Property”. BTW, there’s plenty of space to spell out “Add Property” on the screen instead of just “Add Pro”.
  5. Next is “Access” which isn’t clear what it means, the gray help text also just says “Access” (face palm), but I assume it’s info on how the cleaners access the property. If that’s what it means, please put that in the gray help text in the box.
  6. Next is “Garbage” and the gray help text says “Enter grabage room location” (face palm on the misspelling of garbage and that the user has to read between the lines at what this actually means). I assume this really means “Where should garbage be deposited?” or something to that effect.
  7. I finish and it takes me back to the previous screen which now has my property address in addition to the “Add Pro” item. Not really sure what to do next. I select my property and it says, we will let you know when the service is available in your area (face palm). It could’ve told me that when I entered the address on the previous page, which was the very first item on the form.

More feedback:

This article is currently buried deeply in a random list of articles under Help–>Client.
This is job #1, it should be linked on the main page for both prospective Clients and prospective Cleaners looking to sign up.

As an Airbnb host, these articles would scare me.
If this ever happened, even once, I would never use this service again. If a “Pro” can’t make it at the agreed time, then TIDY needs to schedule a different Pro that can make it at the agreed time, otherwise, you’re fired.

And finally there’s this one
This is right out of Airbnb’s playbook. use the form below… never mind that there is no form or even a link to a form anywhere on the page.


There’s not a lot of information available for Phoenix.

Their Better Business Bureau complaints (from CA) echo some of the concerns @Brian_R170 calls out.

Their reviews on Yelp (again CA) are not good.

  • operating without a business license
  • last minute cancellations
  • no refunds - just a credit for another cleaning
  • ask to fill out a checklist of things to get done, that don’t’ get done.
  • “Worst”, “Horrible”, “Don’t do it”, “how do I leave no stars”

I assume Franchises need to be judged individually but with little info for my area, its definitely not worth taking it any further.

Pricing is approximately $30/hr

It doesn’t look like Tidy Services Inc. ( is the same company as Tidy App (

Tidyapp appears to be based in Stockholm, Sweden and has expanded into other countries (Canada, UK, US, maybe more). Tidy Services, Inc. appears to be based in Costa Mesa, California.

The companies have some overlapping service regions, and probably use the same cleaners (just like short-term-rental hosts use Airbnb, VRBO, BDC).

If you’re correct, a very poor choice of names; there are 3 other ‘TIDY’s’ around here in addition to Tidy App:, TidyCasa, Mighty Tidy Cleaning.

And I can’t find any independent US reviews of the service, other than what’s on their app.

Why are all the 5 star reviews on the TIDY app all on the 29th of the month, every month?


Could it be that the app is programmed to remind users to review on the 29th of the month, or maybe 23:59 on the 28th of the month?

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That is not TIDY app . tidy. com is a cleaning service company in Califonia. TidyApp is based in Sweden and owns tidyapp. se

This is a new TIDY app based in Montreal , Delaware and London .

Airbnb services are flexible so you choose your own hours ,date and time and the cleaner have a standard check list outside the regular checklist .

We are only open this the follows locations

New York, Illinois, California, Washington, Texas, Georgia and Delaware

Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia

UK - County

It is because we implement the rate and review pop up on that date

It is because we implement the rate and review pop up on that date

TIDYapp vs - does beg the question why would ‘T-app’ choose a name for a company that will continue to cause confusion and negatively impact it. If they can’t even own the domain .com they have a challenge ahead


We are in communication with the domain brokers to own the name tidyapp .com

Good luck with that! Brings to mind the ‘Cola wars’


LOL. Apparently choosing a business name in the global, digital era is challenging.


Bet you a pint to an aged sherry brandy they don’t clean as well as we do.

Just saying like…