Strangest items guests have left behind

In the past year, the following three items have been left at my place:

  1. Two spider crabs in the oven - when I first opened the oven door, I thought they were severed hands!
  2. A Jejoue vibrating cock ring, found by my housekeeper under the couch, and which I, in my naivete, thought was a dog toy!
    3 And the latest, left by my last guest, a Spy Guy camera checker, which again my housekeeper found down the side of the armchair.

Can anyone top these?

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I think you’ll see plenty more here.


Eeek Sounds terrifying!

#3 was the guest who left #2 … he had to come back just to be sure. I don’t want to think about how crabs relate, though.:joy:

A working iphone in the garbage can, with a cracked screen.

I did a double take at this post, before I realized you were referencing the first post…