Stranger cakes and button-downs: The things people leave behind on AirBnB

I came across this amusing article about the items left behind from Airbnb guests: I would love if guests had to leave behind huge bouquets of flowers with us!

Our list of things guests have left behind include:

  1. A Portable stove, two sleeping mats, and a small pot for camping
  2. Half a lemon, 1/4 of an iceberg lettuce, and a half empty Lipton’s green tea
  3. A can of maple syrup (as a gift)

Nothing too exciting so far but if anyone has any interesting items they’ve inherited from Airbnb guests, please do share!

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Hiking boots, that they really wanted returned for their next trip. Charging cable for camera, book, book mark.

A hat, a bunch of souvenir miniature license plates with names on them, a yoga pillow.
Gifts from guests: a keychain, a bag of fresh unshelled pecans from Georgia, a box of green tea cookies, an Asian tassel, and gluten-free cupcakes.

Surprisingly little forgotten in 4 years. The well-worn baseball cap from his profile pic, a bag of jewellery, one white sock, jar of kefir grains.
Worst are the leftover foods that are embarrassments to a nutritionist’s kitchen - gmo corn oil, white sugar cubes, grapples (overly sweet apples bred to taste like grapes), conventionally grown flour, trans-fat margarine, sugary bbq sauce.
Some nice gifts: a copy of the book about their travels, bottle of wine, olive paste

LOL sounds like an evil experiment gone bad!

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Tenant who broke bed and left behind Leather sex toys!


One LARGE brand new cooler, two brand new camping chairs.
Wine, beer, ice cream, olive oil, eggs, butter, a case of soda, case of drinking water, cookies,
chocolate left several times as a gift by German ladies who work in chocolate factories!
brand new snorkel gear they didn’t have room to take back with them
Towels, a hat, sunglasses
Headphones, chargers, and even an iPad (guest returned for it!)

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Adidas flip flops ( they desided to stay longer and didnt pay for 2 nights and took my keys), body scrubs, shampoos, conditioners, body oils, olive oil, pasta ( a lot), veggies, fruits, mayo, yogurt, huge jar of protein powder, 12 pack of beer, about 30 water bottles, whole can of coffee, bottle of vinegar.
We never got anything as a gift.

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Passport - the guest had to return all the way from the airport to reclaim it.
Guest’s house keys - only noticed when he returned to the USA 24 hours later. Coincidentally, our next guests came from the same city in the US and his keys were returned with them. Huge thanks and a subsequent awesome review!
Wine - lots of it. We’re in Cape Town and our European and North American guests can’t get enough of it while they visit. It always amazes me how much people buy and then don’t have room in their luggage to get it back home. However, I’m not complaining :grin:
Lots of food - we always give it to our cleaner. She LOVES check-out days!


Today I had a quick turn-around, so as soon as the 4 charming men from France left I ran down to change the sheets - and found a rather nice google watch!! I texted them and they quickly came back for it. Gee, and I was hoping it was just a nice tip!!!

2 sari’s left by an indian family they had me mail them back to them I love fabric so I was hoping they would not ask for them back …other things left earrings cheese underwear
vegan chocolates
a lovely Chinese tea set
vegan muffins
handmade soaps and lotions

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Wow that is amazing about the keys!!! How fun!

Cheese underwear!? Gross!!! :slight_smile:

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My kitchen is shared space so I have guests leaving food behind all the time. A few items of clothing here and there. Nothing fancy.

Pack of razors, dried sage to burn, camera card, and an assortment of food.

I am getting a lot of presents from my guests, but many of them know that I have a cooking hobby( I take cooking classes around the world) and I am a wine specialist and collect spices.
I have gotten:

  • wine
    -authentic spices
    -orange liqueur Cointreau that costs 35$
  • hand made table cloth
  • hand made glass vase that a guest made for me at her glass blowing class in our area
    -Russian salad oliv’e, Bulgarian brinza, Russian prijaniki
    I just like to cook and very often offer some food to my guests :slight_smile:
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OK I have a new one - but it’s the opposite. Our guests from Australia are about to head off early in the morning. My husband had noticed that one of the guests had a terrible odor - then realized it’s his socks - so he gave a pair of his own socks to the guests, and informed the guest he was throwing out the smelly socks.

Now THAT’S full service hosting!!

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A white shirt (mens)
One sock
A crucifix

We get gifts sometimes, wine, blueberries covered in chocolate from Maine, hand written thank you notes. I had one girl who accidentally tore a delicate pillowcase when stripping the bed do a pretty little mend (she was a seamstress). That was my favorite, although I prefer guests not to strip beds and thankfully most don’t.

I’ve had iPhone chargers, a camping pillow, left here as well as various things I can’t remember that we posted back to guests.

Oh man, my cleaner loves the “gifts”.

Let’s see: alchohal that ha not been opened, smartphones, various clothes, an empty bag from a local adult store with receipt and then finding sh*t streaked lace body stocking in between the sheets, various medication, a bag of black tar heroin, used condoms in the trash of a room supposedly shared by a father and adult daughter, loads of books, a diary (very sad), lots of ear buds, 1 crapy timex watch… And lots of gifts given to me that were clearly not bought with me in mind but that could simply not fit in their suitcase, for example, why would someone buy Dublin souvenirs for someone who lives in Dublin? :wink: