Storage for Small Bathroom After Remodel

Hello everyone. I’ve been on a semi-break from hosting and am currently having my BnB’s small bathroom remodeled. I’m getting subway tile with charcoal grout in the shower, a vinyl plank “wood” floor, new fixtures, and a fresh coat of paint. I’m working with a wonderful contractor who has been very timely and communicative. He’s a keeper!

Here is my ugly “before” picture I snapped on my phone.

This is what I sent my contractor as the look I’m interested in:

What I’d like help with from the kind folks here: I need storage for my guests’ belongings and somewhere to both present the towels and for guests to hang the towels.

I really like the floating shelf with towel hooks underneath. This would fit behind the door in my tiny bathroom. But haven’t been able to find anything like that on Wayfair or Etsy, my usual go-tos.

I’m having trouble finding a medicine cabinet I like that fits the space. It would need to be less than 22 inches.
Lastly: storage! I currently have a metal and plastic above-the-toilet rack I think from Ikea. I like its functionality, but it isn’t very pretty. I’m interested in ideas to replace it. I love Ikea’s Hemnes line for affordability and durability, but most are too large for my bathroom.

I’m open to a below-the-sink vanity but the sink is only 17 inches wide and the total room for the sink (were I to get a new sink-vanity combo) is only 22 inches.

I’d love suggestions on how to do the shelves and storage, or links to specific products. I am not looking for a critique of what tile/floor I’ve chosen for the bathroom as I love my choices and the installation is already underway.

Thank you in advance!

I have a really small bathroom too, I added a shelf similar to this for storage over the commode:

I too am hoping to remodel the bathroom sometime this year. Keep us updated on the process!

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Put lots of hooks, everywhere, for towels, clothes, bathrobes, etc. I am so surprised at how many vacation rentals I stay at that have no hooks in the bathroom. That means having to put your towel or clothes on the toilet when you take a shower. I also found a tall, narrow metal shelf on Amazon to put next to the sink in my small bathroom.


A couple of simple ideas:

  1. Have alcoves built into the tile wall of the tub for shampoo, soap, etc. I suggest one for shower height (people who are standing) and one lower (people taking a bath). Make sure they’re tall enough for tall bottles.

  2. Also have an alcove built into the tile wall above the sink for sundries.

  3. Put hooks on the inside of the bathroom door.

  4. A small vanity seems like a good idea for providing some under-the-sink storage. This one is just 18” wide. I’m sure there are plenty of others that are less than 22” wide.

  5. I like the look of a wall-mounted hotel towel rack over the toilet, rather than a freestanding rack. The one I have has three shelves. I found this—just one shelf, but not expensive.


Love the style you have chosen.

I know you don’t want a critique on materials you have chosen for your floor, but just to let you know in my last house I had an original Victorian floor in my bathroom. @Xena

My teenage son left the tap running in the bath and forgot about it. It completely ruined the wooden floor which needed replacing. And I needed to get humidifiers in.

The loss adjustor bemoaned the fashion here for wooden floors in bathrooms :slight_smile: and said water proof finishes are a much safer option :slight_smile:

In my new house here I have a working Victorian fireplace in my bathroom which guests go crazy for :slight_smile:

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Don’t forget about Ikea. They have a lot of solutions for small spaces. Even though I don’t love the look of a lot of things there, I have scored on storage solutions for my smallish full-time home.

Edit: Duh … lol finish reading before replying silly

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On it! The contractor suggested a shower niche. The location was limited due to the foundation being in the way, but I’m pleased with where he’s placing it. I will share pictures.

The vinyl plank I’ve chosen is promised to be 100% waterproof. I had the same fear of guests leaving the tap running.


I have a small bathroom with lots of hooks (some for towels, some for clothes that are removed), wall-hung storage, and a cabinet outside the door for spare linens, so things don’t get steamy. I also have hooks on the back of the bedroom door for the towels that get brought into the room, so wet towels aren’t draped over furniture or left on beds.

This photo isn’t “guest-ready” (I’m not currently hosting) but shows how I address the issue.

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Love it!

I’ve seen towel bars that fit on the door. Perhaps hooks above for clothes and a bar at waist height.

A simple teak shelf below a wall mounted sink with a couple of baskets for wash cloths or spare TP rolls should be enough. Cabinets usually just hide junk.

I’m currently in CA staying at the Tiny Tiki Retro Hideaway that @gypsy designed. As you may recall, it’s a vintage trailer and the bathroom is small. She might have some small space ideas. Her tiny bathroom here is gorgeous.


Hi KKC, So glad you are here relaxing after your trip to New Zealand, it’s great to have a friend stay!!! Thanks for the jewel box tiny bathroom compliment, take a long hot shower on us!!! The weather is fine:)


I’ve used this metal shelf (IKEA Botkyrka) above the toilet.

I’ve also seen several stacked


We have a tiny shower room in our annex. Storage is hooks on the back of the door, shelves above the toilet and an Ikea Lillangen sink/vanity unit.


Sorry I don’t know what ‘vinyl plank’ is terms of a wooden flooring, but good you have things covered @Xena .

First of all, the remodeled bathroom is gorgeous! How about a pretty basket to store rolled up bath towels and over the door hooks to place wet towels. I love your idea of floating shelves.

Vinyl Plank, otherwise known as “LVP” “Luxury Vinyl Plank” is a vinyl floor, not unlike vinyl tile, or “linoleum” but is crafted in long narrow strips (the shape of wood flooring). It comes in a variety of faux wood finishes. It gives the illusion of wood flooring, but has the waterproof and durability qualities of a vinyl floor. It’s very good in high traffic areas, as well as being kid and dog friendly. Plus its much less expensive and a fairly easy DIY project.



This is the niche in my own shower stall, also the built-in soap dish. I also have a small shelf inside the shower that’s handy for women to put their foot up on when shaving legs, as well as there being space there to set shower items, if needed.


@xena looks GREAT! sUPER!

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Just to be clear, the second picture is what I gave the contractor. I said, “I want something like this!” I’ll share after pictures when we are all done. :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone! I’ll review the links when I get a few moments on a computer.

Ah thanks so much @HH_AZ never come across that before.

So it’s not actually wood but vinyl that @Xena is looking to use. That looks like a safer option.

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We have a vinyl type plank in our family bathroom - it has been down about 12 years now and has taken a lot of abuse from the kids. Still looking lovely. I think it is all about the seal between the planks. Tricky to lay, judging from the grunting and swearing from my husband when he laid it, but does the job.

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