Statistics on listing views

I’m not sure what’s going on here - my number of listing views ticks over very steadily at about 7 a day, rarely going above 10 and rarely falling below 5. Yet for the last 6 days I’ve had no views at all!


Me too, must be their system having a glitch. No views for 6 days. I’m in NYC

…And me :frowning:

Flatlining here in Tokyo too, for all our six listings in two accounts.

Same with my listing

Ahh, what a relief it’s not just me then. I’ve been kicking myself about this!! :cold_sweat:

Haven’t had any bookings in all these days.


I experienced that in June. My listing was not coming up. Clear your cookies, go incognito or use a different device and search for your listing. If it does not come up have friends do it too. If it’s not showing take screen shots and send to Air. After a month of arguing with them someone listened to me and they fixed it. But I lost a month of income.

That’s terrible, sorry to hear that @Martha. I’ve raised a ticket with Airbnb. They say it’s all looking good their end. I’ve been asking friends to check it as well.

Has anyone above had any bookings at all?

I also show 0 views for days but I have had bookings.


I got two bookings yesterday…!


Ah, that gives me relief. A bit…

I’m glad to hear that I’m not alone. We are pretty new to the Airbnb world (in fact, this is my first post in the forum).

Things were cooking really well until the evaluation period for Superhost. We were regularly getting about 7-10 views a day, and every single day booked in May, June, and July (pretty much any day we wanted it to be booked…it was booked). Then, we achieved Superhost status, and everything stopped immediately. We’ve had 0 views every day since July 21, and experienced a big drought in bookings.

Fortunately, somebody booked a date in September 2 days ago, but I’m still concerned about the fact that everything was looking amazing until we became Superhosts, and it’s still not really kicking anymore (they booking on 9/2 is related to a big event near our place). We appear to show up pretty conveniently in search.

I have been trying to figure out if it was related to the new policy of averaging the cleaning fee into the listing’s price (perhaps our place was looking more expensive as a result of that). But I knocked down our price drastically, and it still hasn’t seemed to open up the floodgates.

Anybody else experience this issue after becoming Superhost?

Or, anybody else think this is related to the inclusion of the cleaning fee in the price?

Please keep us posted if anybody hears an update about the reason for this change.

Congrats on your first post @Sigfree, welcome. It must be doubly frustrating to see your bookings drop to zero just as you become superhost, I mean that status is supposed to increase bookings!
Airbnb is getting weirder by the day I’m afraid to say.

I’ve heard this might be a result of Airbnb’s algorithm to help new hosts. The theory is that new hosts get a bump in listing so that they can start hosting and get guests, rather than being lost in all the other established listings, this bump for them comes at the cost of other hosts.

So the thinking is that when a lot of new hosts join a market, you might not get any views for a bit until their bump is done.

I experienced this for three weeks back, and tried adding new photos, changing price, and adding keywords into the description. I didn’t see much of an effect but after the three weeks were up, my stats went right back to normal.

The latest is that according to today’s view statistics I’ve had no views at all in July - absolutely zero! This is NOT what it was saying a few days ago - it’s clearly a balls-up at ABB.

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Exactly same happened to me over Christmas - one of my busiest periods . No bookings for six weeks/

That’s absolutely totally awful @Helsi :unamused:

I’ve known of the newbie bump, but when there are only 5 other available properties at your price or below in the central zone and either the review count or the star count of all the others are 4 or below, and you still don’t get bookings or enquiries for prime weekend periods, it does get you thinking.

Just noticed this myself too today. Airbnb software seems quite brittle, each time they add a new feature somewhere they end up breaking quite a few useful existing ones in many places. :-1:


We are at day 7 with zero views but had two more bookings today.

What’s a “balls up”?