Stainless steel finger marks formula?

Anyone have an awesome treatment for stainless steel appliances to avoid or cut down on finger marks.

Polish it with an oil. We use olive oil or this:

I think I’ve tried every cleaner and polish made and I don’t like any of them. They leave a film or residue that just makes it look worse and harder to maintain. I use magic eraser with nothing but water or water and vinegar and then I polish dry with a special microfiber cloth for stainless steel. It’s made by Quickie. Periodically I clean with a soapy solution to remove the greasy film (like on the range hood).

It’s rare for me to disagree with Allison but I would never use an oil. Maybe it’s all the dust and dog hair here but that would just make a mess.

I have basically one cleaner I make up, it works for stainless, granite, windows and everything in between. Here is my secret recipe:
About 2 or 3 OZ rubbing alcohol in a 32 oz bottle, top with tap water. Two or 3 drops of Dawn dishwashing soap.



Interesting. I was going to post that I’ve found the smudges that don’t come off with mild soap-and-water seem to always come off with rubbing alcohol. I didn’t think of combining them.

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Dawn is the star again!!!

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I hate stainless steel appliances. Our apartment #2 has a ss fridge, cooker, microwave & dishwasher all inherited from the previous owner and I hate hate hate them. I use Windex.

I learned a good trick. SHAVING CREAM! Smear a lather of the plainest you can find, leave a couple minutes, rub/buff oFF.

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ScotchBrite stainless steel cleaner is my current favorite. It’s a spray-on wax. It doesn’t leave an oily residue.