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Sort Results (Beta)

There is now an option to sort properties by keywords from reviews. Thoughts?

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Don’t like it. The brief but concise review I currently received has no such key words in it.
“A beautiful room in an ideally situated home, within walking distance of the lake and downtown.”

My understanding is that guests are given a list of keywords to select from as they go through the review process. The words don’t necessarily need to be in written into the actual review.


Hi @SuiteRetreat,

where is this documented, if anywhere?

I honestly don’t remember how I’ve come to know this. Perhaps someone in another thread mentioned it at some point and it just stuck.

Yeah I searched air as a guest yesterday and all this came up

I like anything that gives consumers more options. It’s hard to judge this particular option without know more about how those words get there.

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That’s very true. Here’s what is shown at the top of our listing.

Scenic I understand because reviews almost always mention the view. But I don’t think anyone has used the word ‘scenic’. Cozy is probably due to the fact that it’s a one bedroom apartment and therefore quite small. Yes, guests have used the word ‘quiet’, I think.

But near restaurants and shops is a bit debatable really. There are many fabulous restaurants and shops locally but most guests think that they’re not walkable. The nearest shop (just a 7-Eleven) is a twenty minute walk and the nearest restaurant even further away. I hope potential guests don’t think we are a two minute stroll away from these.

And no mention of the beach - 25 minute walk, five minutes by car. I think most reviews mention the beach.

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Keywords really should be user generated. If Airbnb staff is adding them (or worse, if they are machine generated), that’s demented.


“The options come from what other guests have said in their reviews.”

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Is this is line with what other people are seeing? And I don’t see anything like this on my listing. Does this arrive after a certain number of reviews, or has Airbnb rolled it out only in certain places?

faheem, you do have a way with words! (“demented”…love it)


I confirm that when you leave a review as a guest you have to click on keywords among a list, these are the keywords shown here.


Ah, that’s good to know. So at least they are not plucking them out of thin air. But are guests given the option to create their own keywords?

No. I guess the whole idea is that guests can pick and compare listings thanks to the same keywords.

Plenty of my reviews say ‘clean’ so I wish that would appear on top of my listing!

There used to be a beta with user-generated keywords (picked from reviews) and there were paradoxal results. For instance the keyword “breakfast” appeared for my listing because several guests mention on their review that the bakery around the corner is fantastic for breakfasts.

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I’d forgotten - I had almost the same thing. ‘Breakfast’ was appearing in my beta keyword thing too because I leave breakfast food for the guests’ first morning. It’s a self-contained apartment and guests realise that they have to supply their own food but particularly for guests who are arriving late, I like to provide a few things so they don’t have to dash to the shops starving on their first morning.

But at first glance, it did make it seem as though breakfast was provided.

Well, the new system has its limitations too, as it seems that ALL listings in my area are “Cozy”, “Quiet”, “Near shops and restaurants” and “near public transit” :smile: … obviously all listings in the same neighborhood share the same qualities …

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