Someone else lists my house, how to remove it?

I am home owner, someone else lists my house on AirBnb without my consent, how to notice AirBnb to remove it when that person ignores my request? My house is located in US California

For any listing you will see this:

So, report the listing to Airbnb.

State that this home is your property, that it is being rented to a tenant who is listing it as a short-term rental without your permission, that you request that this unauthorized listing be removed.

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I tried it, no help to me. I can not input any word after clicking this link, there is only an option to select and it is done after that. I select fake house option two weeks ago, no one connect me so far.

I’d recommend calling airbnb support on the phone and discussing the issue.

So you didn’t get a menu like this:

After saying ‘something else’ I think you can explain.

Other options are to contact the Attorney General for CA. There’s a way to do that on the attorney general’s website.

In addition, you can contact an attorney on your options under the lease. I would think that one thing you’d consider doing is to send a letter (certified?) to the tenant, putting them on notice that they are in violation (if they are) of the lease terms, and specifically which ones. I’d urge you to do that only in consultation with an attorney in case you mis-state your case.

When corresponding you need to use your words precisely.

I don’t see any ‘fake house’ option. Maybe you mean you selected ‘it’s not a real place to stay.’ You’ll need to be careful and EXACT in your language if you want the possibility for action.

That’s another reason to hire a lawyer, who hopefully will be precise with their words.

“something else” leads to more options, still unable to write message:

Hiring an attorney to solve it will take very long time, I think seeking help from airbnb will be quite quickly

Because Airbnb displayed different language other than English for me, my translation is different than its English version.
I already select English language now, you are right that it is “it’s not a real place to stay”

I don’t know how Airbnb will handle this.

I still suggest contacting Airbnb with specific information about the listing. If you select ‘it’s a scam’ and then ‘something else’ you will get an opportunity to write something. But again, how does Airbnb know to trust what you say??

You will say that you are the homeowner. How does Airbnb know whether that is true? You might say that this violates the lease. How will Airbnb know that this is true? In another thread you stated that you orally gave permission for this. How is Airbnb to respond if the tenant asserts that?

You need to hire a lawyer.

It will not take a long time for the lawyer to write a letter to the tenant that listing the property on Airbnb violates a term of the lease (if it does). In addition, the letter could copy Airbnb at a street address in CA with precise information identifying the property. [Terms of Service - Airbnb Help Center]

There are other reasons why you need an attorney skilled in real estate. Elsewhere I think you say you want to sell this property. Yet you have a tenant and are located in tenant-friendly CA, though I don’t know which county. Tenants in some CA counties can make that sale very difficult. You need an attorney skilled in real estate.

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@AlexWang I hate to tell you this, but Airbnb is reportedly not very responsive to homeowners trying to get a listing taken down that is not under their account. Some homeowners have had situations where they didn’t even give anyone permission to sublet, someone just illegally listed their property. It can take weeks or months to get Airbnb to respond.

You are going to have to deal with evicting this tenant and getting the listing removed via legal route, I’m afraid. (You should keep hounding Airbnb, though, just don’t expect any rapid response)

In the future, never give anyone else permission to list your place under their account. You need to maintain control of your property.


Airbnb can verify whether I am homeowner from government record. The lease relationship was already terminated on Jan 1st, 2023.
Anyway, thanks lot for telling me how to write message. I already wrote message to AirBnb.
I will consider your suggestion. In the meantime, I guess it is easier to work with Airbnb because the tenant ignores all my message while Airbnb is not willing to be partner of a liar, especially when it is noticed

Perhaps if they are so motivated. But then how do they know that the person they’re corresponding with is the owner?

Even if they knew you were the owner and that they were corresponding with you the owner, the question of whether you authorized the property to be listed (which elsewhere you say you once orally agreed to) is between you and the tenant. Why should Airbnb get in between the dispute between you and your tenant? After all, if bookings are happening and the guests are gaining access why should Airbnb get involved in your personal dispute?

Take a two-track approach (just in case Airbnb will get involved).

Work with Airbnb.


Get a skilled real estate lawyer.

Or a squatter? If the lease was terminated 1/1, how are they a ‘tenant’?

Really? How? If so, and the property is occupied, why are you not taking action to evict them?

You need to hire a lawyer.

I tried to hire attornet to evict tenant of my tenant, it is effictive but took about 10 months. I think this is why my tenant refuse to turn back the house to me. I am afraid the price of house will be dropped later this year, this is why I am urgent to sell this house located in Alameda county, I hope it is not the worst county for homeowner

yes, he is a squatter, and ex-tenant. I am not native English speaker, sorry for it.
As I mentioned in above post, hiring an attorney to evict takes more than half a year to complete legal process, and I am afraid the price of my house will be dropped at that time

I don’t know the law in your situation but if I were a tenant and the lease ended 12/31, but I continue to pay rent and have received no notice from the landlord, I wonder whether I now have a month to month lease under the law or even an extended lease for the original term (one year?) under the lease.

It can take much longer.

The sooner you get that lawyer the sooner you might get that tenant out.

This is why so many people like STRs because long-term rentals, especially in states like CA, give so much de facto and legal power to tenants.

Regardless of the Airbnb situation, you need to get this tenant OUT.

You need a lawyer.


Yes. This is the potential cost of giving tenant’s rights to a property you own, especially in CA. It’s not fair in my opinion, but it is what it is.

I wonder if this is true if you have not served any legal notice.

You need a lawyer.

What Airbnb can do and what it will do are two different things.


No that’s not how you report a false listing @HostAirbnbVRBO

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How do you do it?


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I didn’t see where the OP said it’s a leased property. Am I missing something?