Sold my house - need to deactivate hosting

I just sold the house I was running my Airbnb in. I got top dollar for it but will surely miss hosting (not the cleaning part oh course). Firstly I wanted to say thank you to all of you for giving me advise. Thank you for all that have posted questions too as I read tons of your messages for research.

little back story, I completed renovated my parents’ house since they were only going to be using it when they visited so I decided to airbnb it. Then well Covid-19 come and my parents decided they were not go to be coming anytime soon. With that and it being a seller’s market, well you know the rest.
Turns out this house ended up being a showcase of my interior design skills. So looks like my future will be more in renovations instead of hosting. On that note, I need to deactivate my hosting account but not my personal travel one.
Question is, will I lose all my hosting reviews on my travel account? I know it is cheesy but all the guests had really nice things to say about me and I would hate to lose that. I want to close it today bu want to make sure i do it in a way I can keep the info (make senses?).

Hope everyone is staying healthy & thanks again!

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You deactivate the listing, not your account. You may host another Property some day.

Go to listings, select the listing.
Select listing status
Select delist

See pics below

When I deactivated a listing, the reviews I received stayed in my profile/account but I also had an additional property i was hosting. I think your profile will be the same but because our situation are different I can’t be absolutely sure


thanks, I will do that then.

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okay so I just did it. I did not deactivate it as it said I would lose all my reviews so I delisted it instead

after their recommendation. It will not show up in searchs but I still get to keep the info.


Congrats and good luck.