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Snoopers snooping, what gives?


That’s a good one! So glad I only do whole house rentals with none of my personal stuff in them!


I have become a fan of TurboLocks. I learned of them a couple years ago at my equine vet hospital where they were renting the facility and it didn’t have deadbolts. I bought one for my barn where I keep tack and tools and the cats sleep. I have loved it!

Since I have now have my first month long guest in my home I went ahead and installed them on the bedroom doors. This is perfect for “the owner’s closet” as well.


And that tear away being broken shows you they had to reset (maybe) and you can ask them about it and possibly advise (usually again) how to prevent such a thing. And if they were just snooping, well maybe they won’t at someone else’s place :confused: :rofl:

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Sounds like a party I went to once…



Just recently had a guest, nice enough chap, check out every cupboard in the kitchen. I leave everything out for the guest so there’s no need for them to check out my bake wear cupboard or fridge, but hey ho. How did I know? Cameras. I think most guests forget I have them even though they’re visible and listed. Everything I don’t want guests to access are locked away so whilst I think it is a little bit of voyeurism, there’s no harm in them getting a bit familiar. Just not too familar. Ha ha x

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I don’t have cameras inside my home but I have a certain way everything is setup and I can tell when something is obvious like a door ajar. The Ecobee room sensors are very interesting little devices though! They tell you more than you’d think. The temperature fluctuates depending where you are in the room. If a sensor is moved, I can tell because of that. If its too hot or too cold, I know something is wrong like a window left open etc.

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I had a new couple last night. They ran a fish tape or endoscope camera down the vents from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor. I presume they were searching for hidden cameras or something. Its so odd. I’m sitting there and I’m hearing a loud metallic banging like someone is running a fish tape or wire down through the vents. Then I hear them moving all of the furniture etc. This is so annoying. I realized only couples do this so I just doubled my price for couples since single occupants are 2x as easy.

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You may have seen my thread on basically the same topic…solo travelers, not scoping the vents. I didn’t double my price but I am going to take steps to try to increase solo bookings.

I would message and ask what they are doing and if they need help. I’d love to know their answer.


Blimey. What did they say when you asked them about it?


I didn’t ask them about it as it was after midnight. At first I thought an animal was outside clawing on the siding because it was coming from the outside wall. I checked outside and nothing. So my best guess is they were running something down the vents. I’ll find out when I do housekeeping but I can already tell things are tense with these guests so I’ll leave them alone. They’re only here one more day. They’re here for a wedding and its their first time on Airbnb. PITA!!!


WTF? A camera more than a couple inches from a vent opening wouldn’t be able to see anything. A guest putting something deep in a vent is really strange.


Ok, let’s think of something logical.

  • They dropped something valuable in the vent on accident (jewelry, money, credit card) and they were trying to retrieve it.

  • They are government agents who have planted listening devices in your vents.

  • They hid their drugs in your vents. They will book again later to retrieve them.

Who else has ideas?


I didn’t think about the vent being on the floor with large enough openings for something to fall into.


I didn’t either at first. But I re-read the post due to the idea of them looking in vents for cameras being so ludicrous and noted this: “down the vents from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor.”


The vent is on the wall. Its possible that something could’ve been dropped into it and they bent up a coat hanger to retrieve it? Or maybe it is drugs but you’d think that would be a quiet noise and just a string tied to a bag etc. I’m really curious as to what I find in my vents!


So are we. We’re agog!

Don’t forget to let us know when you find out.


I know - they are INSTALLING cameras!


“Its our one night off this month honey. What do you want to do?”
“The same thing we do every month. Rent an Airbnb and stay up til 1:00 AM fishing around in the vents!”


I’m so nosy - I would have been in there like a shot to find out.

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Aren’t they still in the rental room? At first I thought I’d ask them what they are doing. But now I’m more intriguied by the idea of finding something in there after they check out and them having no idea I’m onto them.

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