Smart Pricing through the ceiling

Holy cow! My smart pricing is WAY higher than it has ever been. Up until this coming January, the highest my smart pricing goes is in the high 130s. Now, I’m seeing $160s to 180s. What’s going on with Airbnb’s algorithm that I’m seeing this (what seems excessive to me) spike? Obviously, I know I can take smart pricing off and set any price I feel is reasonable, but still I wonder what Airbnb might know that I don’t? Anyone else?

If they say 180 it probably should be 200



Everything has gone up in price so I think it makes sense that prices for Airbnb would also go up. Before COVID one could purchase a Honda Civic for $25,000 now it costs $35,000. Dealers are now offering 7 yr car loans.

Used car prices are surprising too.
The 2016 SUV I purchased 12/2019, Blue Book value is $1,000 more than I paid 2 years ago. Granted it only has 31,000 miles on it but still surprising.

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In the first year or so that I used Smart Pricing, I was sometimes amazed by the high prices that it set for various dates. I was even further amazed when I got bookings at those high prices.

Of course, Smart Pricing is only a computer program and hosts need to ‘train’ it quite a lot but if it suggests higher prices, then I’d have a go for a while. :slight_smile:

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A month or so ago, when I was reviewing my prices, almost all of the ones I had set were way lower than Air’s smart pricing.

But, guess what, I moved some of them up and now every single one is higher than their smarty pants pricing. Their prices are so low it’s ridiculous.

They are so inconsistent it is painful.

no way would i use Smart Pricing. It doesn’t factor in things like the uniqueness of your property. It seems to think that someone local renting out a mediocre room in their house is the same as my 1 bed 1880s cottage. It might work if you’re in a city with 100s of listings as competition? Right now I have <5 other properties to “compete” with, and they are still all 5-10km+ from me.

Exactly, although I would’ve said $250 to $300 based on my experience. Hope that @Arbek at least has set a minimum price.

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Maybe…I struggle with correct pricing. There are pockets of comparable listings but much diversity overall.

I target snoop on the pricing & calendar availability on a few Airbnb & VRBO. Right or wrong, it’s better than smart pricing


Algorithms can never do that. Like the “similar listings” guests see at the bottom of the page when looking at a listing, the ones on mine aren’t "similar"at all. It’s a small town and I know where most of those places are and what they look like. I know if they are right next to a bar that plays blasting techno music until 2am. All the algorithm can do is compare listings in a given area with the same number of bedrooms, guest counts, etc.

I do the same thing. It’s been very helpful.


I noticed mine were way higher than usual too, so I was glad to see you were wondering the same thing. Since my next available booking date isn’t until February, I think I’ll just keep an eye on them and see if they come down before then.

Right? I’m glad to see that someone else is seeing a significant, odd increase. It seems completely out of range to what price my place is usually booked. For me, the open dates are all through January - first of all, it’s odd that I have zero bookings next month AND the dates are all priced $50+ higher per night. I took smart pricing off and lowered the prices.

Hmmm. My pricing suggestions are way down. WAY down. $30 a night is what the calendar bot says “guests will pay”, when I’m getting a cool Covid $100.
Maybe because the list of “opportunities” I haven’t taken (get wifi, add a TV, add a crib) is as long as my arm?


You too? I thought I was the only one who had an entire page of “missed” opportunities.

I sure wish there was a way to remove those from our dashboards. I’m as likely to install “heat” in my home in the tropics as you are to allow 2 year olds in your treehouse. Ain’t never, ever going to happen.


I too have an entire page of “missed opportunities” but my price suggestions/guests will likely pay have been very very high similar to @Arbek 's smart pricing (I don’t use smart pricing).