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Smart Locks connectivity without Internet

I am slowly converting a couple of homes to Air B&B rentals. Right now they are long term rentals, that I manage remotely. As part of the steps to convert to Air B&B (at least 2 years out for the first one), I am looking at adding Smart Locks that I can use now. Since they are currently long term rentals, I do not have/provide internet at the homes, that is the tenants responsibility. Smart locks need internet. I would like to have smart locks on the front door only, that I can begin using now, without subscribing to internet for $50/month. Can anyone recommend a way to do this? Mobile hotspots through cell phone companies is what I was thinking. Something that can provide limited internet access to only the smart lock, for connectivity. The internet connection wouldn’t be used for anything else accept connectivity to the smart lock, and not accessible to anyone except me. Any advice on affordable mobile hotspots for this one purpose, and smart locks with remote access appreciated. My current cell phone is T-mobile. The homes are located in Alabama, USA. Thank you.

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Sell you a paragraph, cheap…



Now if I understand this correctly you want remote smart lock access for you only and not for the current tenant? If the tenants are going to be there for another two years why would you need it now? Are they getting locked out of the rental?
So you need to help them?
Inquiring minds want to know.

I was having a hard time fully understanding the question but there again, I haven’t had any wine yet. :slight_smile:

I would have thought it was easy enough to raise your current tenant’s rent by $50 per month but don’t forget that you will want to have internet to the property when it’s a STR.


Having a hard time with this… you want internet access where there is no internet?

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I remember reading about a lock that was bluetooth-only (did not require internet or WiFi) but that was a while back and I don’t remember the brand. Smart locks have evolved since then.

Check this lock system out. We use this for our vacation rentals in Hawaii. You don’t need Internet or a hot spot. It’s battery operated (we’ve had the same battery for over 4 years). Each renter gets their own code for the period they will be at the unit. All codes are Pre-set from the factory. And we have control over who gets a code.


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Simplisafe offers a smart lock as an add on to their security system. Monthly monitoring is less than $20/month. Wifi isn’t required.

Simplisafe uses a dedicated limited cellular connection. You can have an app on your phone to control & monitor the system.

You can install & connect to monitoring a base system with a motion detector & keypad in less than 30 minutes. I installed 10 door & window entry sectors, a motion detector in less than 1.5 hours.

Currently they are running a 50% off sale.

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