Smart lock with remote programmability and configurable code activation times

I need a new smartlock and it seems awfully difficult to find it clearly stated in the description if the lock supports a configurable time period for each key code when it will be active. What models support all of these features?

  1. Ability to program codes remotely over the Internet.
  2. Being able to set a time period when each key code will be active.
  3. Preferably no hub accessory needed or it should be compatible with a SmartThings hub or Alexa.


We have a Schlage Encode. It has all the features you’re looking for. Works well for us!


Does the Schlage integrate with Airbnb? I think it does.

I use the August lock, which does 1 and 3, not sure about 2, haven’t needed that. August integrates with Airbnb to give each Airbnb a new code that activates one hour before check-in time.

Might also want to check out this thread: Smart Lock-which one is best?

This is two years old. They like Schlage too: THE BEST Smart Lock for Airbnb & Vacation Rentals [2022]

The Schlage Encode has all of those capabilities. I have four of them (three listings I manage and one in my home). If anything ever goes wrong with one of the locks, Schlage is quick to send a new lock, free of charge.

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The august lock does what you are describing.

In the article I cited Schlage was #1 and August #2. I have August and have been happy with it.