Smart Lock-which one is best?

Best and most reliable smart lock?

Needs to have illuminated numbers, also a key and sync with Nest app.

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We have the Nuki smart lock and Keypad and up to now, I’m very happy with it. The system is linked to Airbnb. Airbnb generates the codes and links it to their arrival and departure time. Guests receive one Keypad code and invitations to the Nuki app per person 3 days prior to their arrival.

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Wow, that’s awesome thanks, I will get them for my units.


Don’t get an August. I stayed at 2 places that had them and both times the host had to give me the code in a phone call.

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I don’t want to be beholden to one company. I’m looking for something I can use if I direct book, or personally or whatever.

I send out the keycode to my guests automatically via the messaging system.

We use Yale Assure locks, it is what my friend who is a locksmith recommended and they have been awesome. Great customer service too. One of ours got scratched up somehow and when my husband called about a replacement part, they just sent us a whole new lock for free. They have the illuminated numbers/screen and also a key. We use the manual ones so ours don’t sync with anything. However, there is a smart version with wifi. Worth looking into.

I use a Schlage lock with illuminated numbers and a key as well. I love it.

Thanks! Locksmith recommended sounds good.

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Is there a particular model that you use? Schlage has more than one smart lock, I think

Do you mean Airbnb? It is linked with our Airbnb but not exclusively. So I don’t have to make codes etc for these guests, but I still have my own app and make my own codes as well. I can edit arrival time and departure. I can also monitor whether the door is closed (should guests forget it. So that’s definitely a plus.

Mine isn’t wireless, but friends use this one and like it.

Kwikset Halo Deadbolt is a great smart lock. It has three unlocking or locking options. It makes utilizing a lock a lot easier than it does with a standard lock. I also don’t have to worry about locking myself out because it has these three alternatives.

I suspect that’s user error. We use the august lock and have never had to call in a code to guests. It syncs to Airbnb automatically and sends codes as soon as a booking is confirmed.

My qualm with it - is it feels quirky when manually setting codes with a schedule. When done automatically with bookings it’s flawless but when manually doing it - it always gives us an error message although it sets the code properly. That never made me feel confident - but it didn’t ever actually fail me