Smart Access for Guests

Hi there.

Wondering what folks are using for smart access for guests.

Do you use a smart lock? A keypad lock? or usual key inside a lockbox?

Trying to learn a few things people are dealing with and what you recommend (and not recommend!).

Many thanks!

I have a keypad lock but try to meet guests in person. A smart lock that I could also unlock remotely would be helpful from time to time given the issues the guests have with the keypad lock.

use schlage deadbolt with a Wink hub. I believe it will work with other hubs as well but not sure. I like it because it has an actual key for the deadbolt as well. I hide a key lock bock on the property for emergencies, although I have never had to use it.

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I use the August Smart Lock with Connect to be able to access it remotely. I also generally meet Guests at check-in and help them with it. Some people are clueless about technology.

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We use a Schlage keypad lock (not smart), and try to meet guests in person for check-in.

We use a Schlage keypad lock with a wink hub that allows us set up code for each group of guests remotely. We also have a couple of places use igloohome that doesn’t need hub or internet, also allow us set up code for each group of guests. After try these 2 different locks, we prefer Schlage with wink. With the app on the phone, we can change the door code at anytime and watch the activities, lock and unlock the door remotely.

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect is the best option with guest access and voice activation. Although it is expensive with easy to install and supports Wi-Fi, Z-Wave and Bluetooth.

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Just put this bad boy on today. Heavy duty heavy traffic. Easy code change. It’s a beauty :slight_smile:

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Some people are clueless with plain old keys and a walk through with pictures

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You can also check out a service like Keycafe. You go to one of the Keycafe locations, add a tracking device to your keys, and then you place your keys into the SmartBox. Your guests will get a notification with the location and code so that they can then collect your keys at a time that’s convenient to them. It also works well if you need to get keys to your cleaners. Another option is EveryDoor. EveryDoor connects to your intercom system/smart lock and makes it easy to give your guests access automatically. Their system works with many smart locks and the codes are automatically cycled for each guest.

I’ve bought the Nest for our unit ($279). It’s all wifi driven with a nice smart phone app. It notifies you when it’s unlocked and who unlocked it, based on the code. You can set start and expire date/times. You can set operational times (so your cleaners can only access unit from say 12PM to 4PM). You can lock remotely if you see it was left unlocked.

I have not actually started hosting yet, and I’m worried it may prove a little complicated. You have to touch it to start, then key in number, then hit the check box. Not huge, but from what I’ve been reading in these forums, I’m concerned about technophobes.

The problem I have with mine is related to the fit of the door more than guests being unable to follow directions. Even technophobes can usually follow directions. I keep thinking I need to work on it but never do. The problem I have is that the bolt doesn’t extend all the way into the opening. So since it’s not locked all the way it doesn’t unlock. At least that’s what I think is part of the problem. So make sure it all operates smoothly before you start listing.

There are many good solutions out there! I’d suggest something that doesn’t require a smartphone/app (keypad based) and still has a key option. Keypad based so you don’t run into issues with “dumb” phones or connectivity issues. Keyed option so if the connection goes down or batteries die (or guest is horribly inept), they still have a backup.

Kwikset 910 fit the bill, which has a keypad and works with SmartThings so I can lock or unlock it remotely. We set the code manually after the space is clean and ready.

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I think that’s what I need to upgrade to, keypad/key/remote option.

Looks solid! Does it allow change door code remotely?

I have a keypad lock. It isn’t a smart one because the suite is in my house. Just never seem to have an issue with it because I use the last four digits of their phone number as their code.

This sounds like the lock is not installed properly and not an issue of the lock itself.

I do supplement the August Smart Lock with its keypad option for those with dumb phones. It integrates with the August Smart Lock and is just an add on.

The lock is installed properly and it works perfectly. It’s an issue of the alignment of the door to the hole cut into the frame. So the bolt on the deadbolt doesn’t extend fully into the hole. Since it’s not extended it can’t retract either. I think I can fix it but it’s an issue of getting out the epoxy wood filler, maybe some wood, letting it set and re-cutting the bolt hole. With frequent back to back bookings and multiple things going on here at a time, it hasn’t gotten done.

Ah I see. Yes, that can be tricky but is still no fault of the lock. Good luck!