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Smart Access for Guests

Your going to have people ringing constantly not being able to use it that’s why I went basic big buttons push code

@Flyboy It’s not true if you get it sorted at check-in. And even if it were true it would take 2 seconds for the Host to unlock it remotely for them.

No but it’s an easy code change as in you don’t need to take the lock of the door. Yeah commercial grade great for high traffic areas

2 seconds of my day is worth a lot to me

Just needs a Strike adjustment by the sound of it. I’m a locksmith BTW :slight_smile:

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That’s what I’m thinking. But to move the strike I’m going to have to do some wood repair. It’s not just a matter of unscrewing it and moving it over.

Post of photo of the strike

Could be just driving out the area that needs to be opened when you move it over and wouldn’t need to fill back in the rest… I’ve done that a few times in different places.

I need to move the strike plate to the left. I have the tools, the wood epoxy, just been putting it off. However, just typing about it is kind of motivating. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow if I don’t get a booking later tonight.

Everyone, I am so thankful for all your inputs. Reading through, it’s interesting to see that different products and different setups are used by different folks.

Do you care about having video captured of people entering?

And is this a write-off / upgrade or does cost play a big role in your decisions!?

I have a Ring Doorbell that shows people approaching the door. Basically does that.

I do have the video doorbell now too. I have earned back what it cost to buy by what it has caught from Guests.

Hi @Militaryhorsegal Do you use the August Keypad with this setup and give a code? or do you use the Airbnb integration with August that automatically send them a link to use the August App?!

@GateLabs. I do NOT integrate with Airbnb as the one time I did there was a work crew using the house instead of the Guest but it turns out that had nothing to do with Airbnb but with the Guest sharing her app account with her crew. Given that I think I will try to Airbnb integration again because one time I had a Guest leave late and didn’t lock the house because they didn’t have access. They were told to contact me but they didn’t. Airbnb let them go without paying my $50 unsecured house fee or charging them for overstaying their reservation because they didn’t have app access. Maybe if the app access was cut off by Airbnb instead of the Host they would have stood by their own policies.

As far as the keypad goes it is an August keypad so that is why it integrates.

@Militaryhorsegal Thanks a lot for the details.

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One of the downsides I see to your product is that same one I saw with a Ring door bell attached to the door. Once the door is opened into the home their is a camera spying on the inside of the home. This is fine when it’s your own home.

In an airbnb rental you might get a complaint about invasion of privacy.

Hi all, thanks for sharing your experience and product use so openly. Means a lot and I’m very thankful!

Let me share with you what we have brought to market and get your honest / direct feedback. Please know this is not a sales post, I really am trying to figure out what the hosts are dealing with and what they think. So I humbly appreciate your feedback!

First, a big sigh as It’s taken some painstaking amount of R&D and engineering but we have emerged and launched a new smart lock with an integrated camera! We are an American company based in SF and we do the entire product in-house – all of engineering, security, software, you name it!

This is the only lock on the market that combines a full bolt lock, a keypad, a video camera that turns on when there’s movement, a standard key, and a doorbell–when pressed–rings your phone and you can converse and see the person, and let them in. All of it is programmed from the simple app interface!

@KKC just posted it :wink: getgate .com

I can certainly see where having this all in one could be a great tool for some hosts. That “4-5 hour remove the battery and charge it every 30-60 days” is like my first Ring doorbell which was a major downside.

@KKC :muscle::muscle::muscle: :grin:
And all that 202020 business :wink:

Just get a bigger strike plate no big needed
Will look neater

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