Signs, logos, and door identity

company that could make a small 2" square plate, for example? And nice use numbers for a doorway?I was looking for a way to put an airbnb logo onto my door, and realized that 1. a sign company is only interested in large signs (minimum 6x12 for example) and 2. the local big box store only sells cheesy numbers when I look for them smaller than 6". Any thoughts on this?

Look online at etsy, ebay or cafepress for a someone who does custom logos and numbers. I ordered an electric plug in led lighted address sign for my home from a fellow on ebay. It was almost exactly what I envisioned in my mind but didn’t know how to make myself.


I would NOT put the AirBnb logo on my apartment door. Might be a copyright infringement. Also might make you a target for other people in your complex…


You might check out Etsy or something that will make a small (and more unique) sign of that size.

I ordered a sign from Wayfair that’s similar in style to my house number plate, with the name of my listing. I didn’t want to do anything with the Airbnb logo for both privacy and infringement reasons (there used to be verbiage in the TOC that said we weren’t supposed to use their branding. Perhaps that’s changed because I can’t find it now?)


Instead of risking trademark infringement, maybe you could come up with own home logo? It could be a nice little touch and way to brand your place and make it more memorable in photos. would be a good place to look for something simple and customizable like a plaque. There are lots of people who do laser cutting there is a variety of materials.

If you have a metal door, you can get one of those magnetic signs. Vista Print does them for about $15. They’re normally for car doors but works on any flat metal surface. You can upload your own design or use their templates. That way you can easily remove it if you want and only put it up when guests are arriving.


Airbnb wouldn’t consider hosts displaying the Airbnb logo on their listing to be trademark infringement. We are in essence their franchisees. Saying that an Airbnb host is committing trademark infringement is like saying that a McDonald’s franchise is committing trademark infringement. Trademark infringement is generally committed by non-affiliated, competing companies in order to profit from a company’s reputation. Also, the first step a company uses to stop trademark infringement is to ask the person using the trademark to stop.


I have 2 buildings on the National Historic Register and you can get really nice brass signs but they would be around $400 customised. is the company I used, a google will find lots of others.

After a couple of incidents in the last week I’ve decided to give in and put signage on my Airbnb room door. I may even break down and build the check in guide on Airbnb. I haven’t done it to this point because I think my home is very simple to check into. But since a percentage of guests don’t read…

As I was weighing options I found a link to this on the airbnb community forums. This is exactly what you’d need isn’t it @Rolf? You probably have something by now but here’s the link.

I wonder how recognizable the Airbnb logo is to the general public. Would the logo be enough to let guests know they are at their Airbnb? My guess is no for many.

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looks great!! 20202002020

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You mean the logo replaces instructions, check in guide, photos on the listing? No and I didn’t mean to imply that.

I don’t think the logo is that recognizable to the general public but they aren’t the ones coming to the door of the Airbnb. I actually don’t want it to be recognizable to the general public anyway. If they can’t follow instructions or don’t bother to do so past getting the address number (some don’t even do that they ask in the message thread what the address is) then the IUD on the door isn’t going to do it. Think of it as just another little tool in the toolbox, not the cure for cancer.

I don’t want a bunch of signage anyway. Despite running two businesses from home I’ve resisted putting a bunch of signs as I want my home to look like a home, not Motel 6. I’m not going to buy this yet. I’m going to print a logo on the computer, laminate it and put a magnet on the back. Then I’m going to attach it to the metal security door they enter first. I’ll be able to easily take it off on days when I’m not booked or away on vacation.

Another thing I need to do is put an updated picture of the exterior entrance area. It’s been a year since I did so and it looks a bit different than in the existing pictures.

@Rolf, let me know if you order one and if you are happy with the quality and service of the vendor.

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Ha Ha! It really is a terrible logo and I don’t think is recognizable to most guests or even hosts.

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"… the IUD on the door " (Don’t come cryin’ when you see a line-up of teenagers outside wanting to pick up Planned Parenthood stuff.) :grin:


Yeah, since some people want to close down all the PP’s. I’d be glad to give them stuff if they show up at my door.


Hey, maybe I’ll dig all those paperbacks I threw out and you can give those as well (fodder, you know).

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It really mystifies me why you say this. It’s all over Airbnb, it’s the icon at the top of my page on the tab on my computer, it’s the logo used by this site even. I know people aren’t observant but, really? (that sounds sarcastic, I don’t mean it that way. I’m just wondering if people don’t recognize it I guess I have to use the word Airbnb on my door, the logo alone won’t do it.

I don’t know, McDonald’s made do with an ass all these years


McDonalds has been using it’s logo since 1962, 56 years! Airbnb’s logo is less than 4 years old so it’s not going to have anywhere near the recognition of the golden arches. It also was not well received when launched. I think the symbol with “Airbnb” under it is fine. The symbol alone won’t draw immediate brand recognition by most people as say the Nike swoosh would. To hang it on your door and think that all guests will know it’s Airbnb is assuming too much I think.

Try the logo guessing game!

That was fun…my problem was scrolling down to try to fill out the form. I ran out of time just due to trouble with the layout. There were 8 I didn’t know at all. A couple were “I just can’t place…it’s a designer but…”
28 of them I absolutely knew at first glance. Several more I recognize but couldn’t place the name of the company on my tongue. But if I’m looking for a place to rent videos (lol) and I see the blockbuster logo I know that’s what it is in context.

Anyway it won’t be all guests but right now 98% of guests have no problem finding the right door without help or coming in my door first. If I could get that up to 99% using a logo that would be great. One of the local airbnbs painted footsteps in bright red-orange paint on their driveway, through the back gate and up to the door of the rental. LOL.

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