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Significant discount for longer term stay


My wife and I hope to travel in Europe a lot in the next few years, and I’m intrigued about the idea of renting nice apartments through Airbnb for longer-term lengths than most guests, say a few weeks or even a month. My question for the hosts is, would it be realistic to hope for a big discount over the nightly rate if one was looking for a longer stay. We are middle aged and responsible, so would make for attractive tenants for hosts. I realize that most places do offer a price for longer stays, but often it is still based on the nightly price. I’d be looking for something lower than that.


I guess you can have a discount for longer stays. In high season I don’t even give weekly rates, because it’s my chance to make the most of it. I would rather have less days occupied than someone for a longer time for less money.,


Hi takeyourtime,

We are willing to give a discount for stays of over 30 days as we don’t have to pay the 14% transient occupancy tax for stays of over 30 days. We have often been asked to provide a significant discount by people who want to stay a long time. We decline as we don’t see any advantage for us. Although we enjoy being Airbnb hosts, we are doing it for the income.


Hi! I think this really depends on the season and the property. Like Yana says, during high season, you can make more money renting by the night. But there are some other factors.

If a host doesn’t want to deal with a lot of email and logistics of 8-10 sets of guests in a month, or would value the cash in one shot, a discounted long-term might look attractive. My apt is attached to my home and I’ve always turned down long-term requests as I don’t want people “home” all the time. Weekend guests are out most of the time so there are less noise and privacy issues. Off-site hosts would probably not care about this at all, however.

If you are asking in the off-season when vacancy rates are 50% or higher, then I can see a discounted long-term might look appealing to many off-site hosts. Good luck and hope you find some great deals!


I think this depends on lots of things. Most hosts have weekly and monthly prices listed and I don’t think they would go much lower than that.
It depends on where and when you are going as well. Certain parts of Italy and Spain don’t have many tourists during winter so hosts there might give you a discount but places like London are busy all year round so I don’t think hosts would go for discounted rates.
Also you say you are an attractive tenant but you ask for a discounted rate. From the hosts point of view you are someone who asks for special treatment just because he can…not very attractive if you look at it this way.


Agree with others. It’s a bit of a turn off when someone thinks they are entitled to a discount because they want to book more than a week. That’s a red flag for me, usually indicating a guest who doesn’t respect me enough to attempt to insult me with haggling. Normally I decline them. I think if you want to stay longer than a month in Europe, try going through an agent.

Here’s a beaut I just received for your amusement!! I really thought I had heard it all in my 5.5 years. Discount requested in exchange for posting me on social media!

And here’s my abrupt answer, not that she even deserved an answer!

And here’s what’s she asking me to give her in terms of price. Eye roll.


How much are you asking?


Yana? Me? For the times she wanted to stay, $99 USD per night. Plus tax. There’s no way I could do $72!


Yes, Kona, that’s very little she was offering. I had an inquiry from a guy who wanted topay 550-600$ a month for a room with private bath, and full use of kitchen Laundry, utility including. He obviously just heard about Airbnb from someone and had no clue.
I asked him if he looked somewhere else. He said, yes,he stayed in one room from Craig’s list and it was really bad, owner smoked, appartment was unsanitary to say the least. And when he saw my beatifull place with all the reviews he thought he would try.
Miracles don’t happen very often, he finally said when I explained to him that he won’t have much luck with what he wants to pay with Airbnb.


Tsk… there will always be those who believe in the impossible. Santa Claus and the tooth fairy! Oh and the 15,000 followers on Instagram! (which can be purchased btw)…:slight_smile: :smile:


Hi Everyone,

Here is an inquiry we received which I think wins the chutzpah award. Our regular nightly fee at the time was $49.00. We are in Los Angeles, CA which is known for high rents.

Thank you so much!! I would probably need the place from June 26-August 16th. Unfortunately, being in college, and having been on my own since I was 17, I don’t have a very large budget at all. I probably couldn’t pay more than $500 for my stay. :-/ Are you flexible at all on price? Curse my college budget! Haha. Anything I could do to help out around the place, like errands or cleaning? Thanks for even considering it.


Definitely look for monthly discounts during the off season where the owner may only get people trickling in.


EllenN, LOL! that is a good one, errands and housecleaning anyone? :slight_smile: I just realized that my Instagrammer was also asking the price to be $72 US INCLUDING fees! So that means I pay her Air fees too? That would put me at $63 per night. Surely you jest… Instagram is worth it though, right!!! LOL :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I get this Instagram thing so many times. I’m on Insta myself and honestly, it’s not a big deal to get all those followers, especially since you can buy 20k for like 50 bucks. LOL! I’m a photographer and graphic designer and someone offered to “pay” me with Instagram publicity.
And that emotional blackmailing… Jesus, what do people think?! I mean, yeah I feel sorry for you bud, but if you can’t afford to pay for a room/flat go to a hostel, that’s what others do.


Emese…:slight_smile: :slight_smile:



As she was asking to pay about $10.00 per day, the errands would have had to include painting my house inside and outside.


Started at £110 per night, got loads of bookings, went to £120, more. Now at £130 and have refused to discount anyone so far. This seems reasonable to me. Hipster Central in London, ~550 sq ft, modern, clean & outside space. Local hotels run from £150 for a double room. See absolutely no need to reduce this price, in fact might increase it if the bookings continue to come in.


Ellen, hahaha! What planet are these people on? Kind of like the Housing Wanted ads on Craigslist. Yes they want free rent in Hawaii in exchange for light yard work, house sitting, plant sitting and bookkeeping.



I had one ask if I would give a ridiculously steep discount due to their high medical bills. They were visiting the area to bring a family member to an expensive mental health facility. It’s just amazing. So if they are on such a limited budget then why are they choosing the most expensive two bedroom log cabin in the area? Go find a place you can afford.

I recently had a guest who said her purpose of the trip is to celebrate her son’s 17th b-day. He has been sick his entire life, and they just found out he was going to live. I emailed her the rate and even gave a tiny discount since she wanted two weekdays, and it would only be her and her son. She was quoted $240 a night and replied back that she was looking for something in the $125 range.


amazing just after I posted yesterday we had someone who wanted the flat for two months, possibly longer, but only wanted to pay £65 a night, or 50% of the advertised rate. the reason - that a Pound now costs six Brazilian Reals and that this made the UK, and London in particular expensive. well yes… and you want me to subsidise your trip? get out of here!!

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