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Shower Glass Doors - has anyone tried Turtle Wax / Ceramic sprays?

Short story - we would like to have a shower door in the new stay but have read all the negatives and have been looking for a solution that allows minimal to no maintenance using high tech after-market coatings / sealers.

Apparently, some have done so with great success. Wondering if anyone here has direct experience with any of these products, even if it “just great car wax”?

We’ve seen quite a few review videos on youtube that make us cautiously optimistic that this may be very do-able, and would also help to minimize cleaning of the shower tiles (wall only).


Not wax! What you want is windshield rain repellent. The best known, which I use on my windshield AND my shower, is Rain-X:


Probably lots of others on the market, too, but Rain-X works for me.

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Get a thick glass one I did 10 years ago still looks great…

But my vehicle glass guys hate it because it makes it really hard for chip filling plastic to adhere to the glass when I get a rock chip on the windscreen. Rain-x is a contains polymers that bond with glass crystal structure to form a hydrophobic (water repelling) coating on the glass. I use it on my car windows, and water just beads up and runs off so I hardly have to use wipers unless it’s a real downpour. If I had a glass shower that’s what I would use.

You have to make sure the glass is completely clean and dry. Then apply Rain-X and buff off excess with a paper towel. You’ll be amazed at how water beads up and pours off. If you have a good, clean, undamaged squeegee, you should be able to quickly squeegee off the glass. It will wear off eventually, so you’ll have to renew it every 6 weeks or so. YMMV depending on how hard your water is.

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Maybe I didn’t apply Rain-X correctly; I couldn’t wait for it to wear off my guest house shower door. I found it more challenging to get it streak free.


It can be removed with Bon Ami cleanser, which is also a great cleaner and polisher for really dirty glass.


I just use citric acid on mine but it’s a pain to clean all of the time. They always get marks. If you find the answer, let me know!

Interesting. Didn’t know that, but I haven’t had a lot of trouble with rock chips either.

Your other comments are all spot on. Or, well, maybe no spots on :slight_smile:


I recently got new a new shower head for my personal bathroom. It has a filter attached to it that filters the water and adds a water softener. It also advertises good water pressure at the same time as being a water saver.

I bought it through Kickstarter and I don’t think they are available to the public yet. Due to Covid the production and delivery was delayed. I can’t even get additional filter packs or the other inserts they are supposedly going to make available. However, I can tell from the spots (or lack thereof) on the fixtures that it makes a difference. I also find the water pressure to be good.

There are other companies that sell filters for showers so you might look into that.

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Point One: Do NOT have a glass shower enclosure.

Point Two: If you happen to inherit one along with a property and can’t be bothered to remove it, then use Rain X. Racing drivers use it on their visors and if it’s good enough for Max Verstappen, it’s good enough for me.

They are still bloody awful to clean though.


what would you have besides glass? I like the glass because it lets in light, and if you clean it, it looks nice. Nothing worse than a nasty, dirty curtain! I like the stone enclosures but they tend to feel dark inside.

A good quality woven shower curtain can be washed and then ironed so that it stays water-repellant. We give every guest fresh shower curtains.

I hope I’m not being too snarky here, I’m not meaning to be, but our rental (the one that doesn’t have glass) has a sparkling white shower curtain that is newly laundered and fresh for each guest.

Have two in rotation and it takes just a couple of minutes to change the used one for a 100% clean, bright white one.

Bright white with no marks gives the guests the confidence that it’s totally clean. A glass enclosure with only one small smear shows that the place hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned to the correct standard.

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I guess that works but they get gross quickly. I would have replaced a shower curtain with glass if I bought a home with a curtain. I just think they look cheap. I’ve never had an issue with a smear, but I use proper glass cleaner. Luckily, I don’t rent my place anymore so I don’t worry about it. :rofl:

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Mine don’t get gross quickly - perhaps you weren’t laundering them after every guest? And others might look cheap but ours certainly don’t. And they weren’t cheap to buy.

What do you mean you never had an issue with a smear?

Why would a shower curtain be dirty?
I wash mine between every guest and hang it back up to dry.

I think water spotted glass looks terrible, and I would rather take an extra minute to pull off the curtain and toss in the wash than clean the glass. Guests do not use the squeegee



yuck. I don’t have any curtains thankfully

Kettles, Throw Pillows, White Linens PLEASE WELCOME Shower curtains & Glass doors

This distinguished host from the great state of Arizona :cactus: :desert: would like to nominate Shower Curtains to the

Airhostforum Great Debate Hall of Fame!

I don’t encourage anyone to vote 3rd party but for those trying to mitigate between the two, and for OP who is actually in planning stages, there is always an alcove shower that requires neither glass nor curtain.


That is lovely.

Is there really a curtain vs glass debate?

I HATE curtains. I would look for them in the pictures when buying or renting and try to avoid a place with them. I HATE THEM. HATE WITH A PASSION!!! the worst is if you get touched by a curtain in a place that you don’t own. THE HORROR! and I don’t care how clean someone says it is. It’s grody!

They tend to be cold, the CURTAIN keeps the air warm, glass is just cold…



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