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Shower Glass Doors - has anyone tried Turtle Wax / Ceramic sprays?

That’s what I started out with in both my Airbnb shower and my new personal bathroom. With the Airbnb shower I went about 2 years with no curtain and not one complaint. But I still noticed a good bit of water on the bathroom floor and it’s a small bathroom.

I’ve also noticed the shower is a good bit chillier and drafty feeling with no curtain in my own bathroom, on top of, again, water splashing onto the bathroom floor and needing more cleanup.

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Interesting idea. Would you have photos to share? Also, perhaps product URL?

I’ll look for photographs but I really can’t remember which site they were ordered from - but I know that they weren’t cheap.

Why on earth is it an interesting idea?

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I guess it would be average and uninteresting if you didn’t rotate two and you just let everyone use the same dirty curtain :rofl:

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Jeez, it’s a white shower curtain, probably not the most difficult thing in the world to source.




Well it is interesting as we might consider that instead of glass.

I no longer have shower curtains but in my previous home, I renovated a couple of guest bathrooms. One had the typical tub/shower combination and the other I created a shower stall from a former sauna.

In both instances I used a hospital track (instead of a shower rod) and a washable fabric shower curtain (not vinyl) that can be purchased on Amazon or at Bed Bath Beyond. I purchased the longest shower curtain available and used simple aluminum chains to attach the curtain to the ceiling mounted track. The fabric shower curtain came across more like a thin drapery material rather than vinyl liners we often see.

If I were changing out the shower curtain between every guest, I’d look for chrome / aluminum “clothespin” type attachments for the curtain instead of the loops to save some time.

Some examples of what I describe herein:

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It’s never really cold where I live, so it’s an issue. No curtain, no glass.

There is some great tile work there. Pretty cool idea with that track.

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Oh, nice. I’m going to look into doing that. I’ve actually seen that set up before but had forgotten about it. I’ve considered removing the wall between the toilet and shower in my airbnb bathroom at some point to make it more like a wet room. As soon as the room was finished I didn’t like it and felt it was too small. That track type curtain would solve my issue; I see a couple of bathrooms that basically just wet rooms.

I don’t mind that type of setup personally. Better than a curtain, and it makes cleaning easier. Unrelated, I wish my toilets were floating so I could mop underneath.

is there a floating toilet vs normal debate?

I would never have an in wall cistern!

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I use squeegies in my personal glass showers. But in my home now, there is a huge walk in high ceiling shower. I added a thrift store curtain with a dollar store liner, with a tension rod, cus its damn cold in there in the fall, winter and spring. It helps to keep the water heat in. Not preferable however.

My previous house had a wall-mounted toilet in its one-and-only bathroom. Yes, nice for mopping beneath it.

However . . .

My late husband, who was a big guy, had a night of intestinal problems. He spent hours in the bathroom, unknown to me, as I slept through it. Until about 5 a.m., when he woke me to say he had fallen asleep and half fell off the toilet, causing it to break off the wall.

We lived an hour from a city. I called a plumber on his 24-hour line at about 5:10 a.m. I clearly woke him up. He drove the hour to our house. I would have liked to switch to a floor-mounted toilet at that point, but it would have required major plumbing surgery, and we needed a toilet quickly.

Then the plumber drove the hour back to the city to get the only wall-mounted toilet he could find in stock, an hour back to our house, and installed the thing. He wouldn’t take any extra money for all his trouble.

Meanwhile, my poor husband was relegated to a drywall bucket in the garage.

I would never have another wall-mounted toilet.


I like the look and the reasoning that @hostess1 states but as @RebeccaF correctly mentions they require much more engineering (Wall mount and typically a tank inside the wall). If there is a fail (of the toilet or tank) they are much more challenging to replace. In a such a situation where a toilet might need to be replaced quickly, a standard toilet could be swapped out in an hour.

Because of that I don’t recommend them for a bathroom where numerous guests of various sizes may be using it.

Also worth noting, that US building codes may not have caught up with what, until recently, has primarily been a European fixture. I was going to install one in Los Angeles a few years ago, but code didn’t allow them; they were working to change that.



The small water saving external tanks in N. America’s low volume WCs allow wall hanging toilets to be quite small.

Toto toilets all the way! The plunger is extinct …

UPDATE: The Shower Door treatment is a great success. It stays remarkably clean without regular maintenance. After a full month it finally needed a very quick and easy surface clean with standard glass cleaner.

We used Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray Coating. Naturally, most of the time and effort is all about doing a great job with surface prep and cleaning (multi-step):

  1. Dawn liquid and vinegar with hot water, with 3m scratches pads. Would recommend doing this step twice.
  2. Detailing clay (use spray detailer as lubricant)
  3. Windex and elbow grease
  4. Two coats Hybrid Solutions applied with clean microfiber, 24 hours between coats.

Water just beads into tiny droplets and falls away. We did both sides of the shower door and panel. It is also great for bathroom mirrors (prevents fogging).

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Fantastic! Last month, I gave the door a cleaning with dawn soap and water with a wet rag, then dried and cleaned with Windex. This was the first “real cleaning” in a year.
Water is still just beading and falling away, after 450-500 showers.

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