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Should I write a review for a bad renter

We just had our first renter and it was far from a guest experience - had more people than registered, had a party, left cigarette butts on our lawn, left dirty dishes in the sink (even though we offer a dishwasher) and torn up our yard. We are going to bill him for the extra guests and extra cleaning but my questions is about a review. Obvisiouly, If i wrote this renter a review, it’s not going to be a positive one. My questions is should I write one for him? I guess i’m afraid that he will write a bad review for us even though we didn’t do anything wrong on our end besides making sure our cabin didn’t get destoryed. But I also don’t want another renter to experience but we just experience, epescially if it’s your first time renting.

Absolutely. Honestly review every guest.


YES!! Just wait until the end of the 14 day window so they are less likely to leave you a review at all.


Please leave an honest review on the last day. My first guests were my worst guests ever, and I missed the review window deadline because I didn’t understand exactly how the review system worked.


Since nobody said it already, the reviews you leave for guests are for the benefit of other hosts, so YES, you should leave a review.

If you ask for compensation from the guest, your chances of getting a retaliatory bad review are unfortunately very high, whether or not you leave a review for the guest.

Hosts on this forum can help you write a review that is objective/unemotional/factual which will help you look more professional to future guests.


Absolutely you should write a review. All guests need reviewing so you can let other hosts know what they’ll be letting themselves in for. I’m sure the situation would have been different if you’d read an honest review of this person. This is how Airbnb works, after all.

Also, I’d really recommend that you learn as much as possible about this business by reading up here in this forum. It will take you ages but you’ll feel so much better equipped to deal with things afterwards :slight_smile:


Absolutely review EVERY Guest – good, bad, or indifferent!! Reviews re for other Hosts, not to make Guests happy.

An honest, factual, unemotional review. Something like:

“Cannot recommend guest. XXX had more guests than registered, left cigarette butts on the lawn (assuming your listing explicitly says ‘no smoking on the property’), left dirty dishes in the sink in spite of the dishwasher, and vehicle(s) torn up the yard.”

Throwing a party is not bad unless your listing explicitly says “No Parties”.


Yes, write a review. I had a similar experience and I wrote a short but direct review. I wrote “Guest disrespected house rules and caused damage to property.”


So wait until after you leave your review and he 14 day window is closed.

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Does that work? Everything I’ve read on this forum says that the longer you wait, the lower the chances of getting any compensation from either Airbnb or the guest. In the case of damages, doesn’t waiting until the end of the review windows (typically 14 days + 4 hours) guarantee that you get nothing, since 14 days from checkout or next guest check-in closes the window?

If claiming using the Host Guarantee yes you need to do it before. That has nothing to do with extra guests though.

After talking to Airbnb about the guests, they said that we have 72 hour to request more money from him. We are waiting on pictures from our cleaner about the damage before we file the request. So unfortunately we can’t wait until the review period is over to fill the request but I will be writing a review at the end of the window like other people recommenced.

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