Should I respond to this review?

I know I am not meant to respond to a poor review but I feel this guy is just too much. There were ample supplies on the bench and in the cupboards of everything he said wasn’t there! And the place is so clean we have never had a fly or a spider inside - I have 18 great reviews and now this, we have a lot of Asian guests and I am worried they will be scared.

“Was a nice place with brilliant location , good communication. Some more amennities would have been nice but this has been noted privately (eg hand soap and body wash, tissues etc). Also funny story ( not the fault of the host I would guess…maybe…woke up the first night 130am with a tickle on my head ,turned on light to see a MASSIVE black spider on my pillow, i must have brushed off my head from the tickle I felt … big shock to say the least…apart from that nice stay! And helpful host”

Could you clarify which bit was public and which was noted privately ? It’s not clear from your post if the spider bit is public …

It’s all public. He wrote the same stuff privately, as he said in his public review. If it was private I wouldn’t care…as much anyway…

I would respond.

Thanks for your feedback. The amenities you listed were in the cupboard, and I’ll make sure future guests know where they are located. Apologies about the spider. We were surprised by his visit and have taken steps to ensure he doesn’t re-visit.

Once again, thanks for your feedback and staying with us. Safe travels


That’s very good, @Ash953!!

@Poppy, some hosts have had luck getting guests to change their reviews. I would call air and see what they think. The guest is just clueless, I hope - or a real jerk. They sounded like they were very happy with you as a host and with the property. They just must not be thinking about how this review is going to affect your business. He’s saying it like it’s just an amusing anecdote.

Spiders happen - anyone who thinks otherwise is just silly.

Sorry this had to happen - try a bit of push and see if you can get it taken off. Write to the guest immediately and explain that he’s about made sure no one will book with you again. Ask them to contact Air about having it changed.

I think @konacoconutz had some luck with this.

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Yes. If you really think it is bad, contact the guest first. not Air. The guest has to contact Air about editing. If you respond to it no one can change anything, so be careful about responding.

I really don’t think the story about “Mr Tickle” was that bad. It wouldn’t not put me off booking.

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A lot of people are really scared of spiders ! This “funny” comment will most certainly deter a good percentage of these people from making a reservation.
I would be horrified with a comment like that on my property!

Try to get it removed and if not possible give a light, funny answer as proposed by Ash953. Maybe even adding that is was the first spider to ever come in and that you will fumigate or something.

This is a good response. Calm, cool and collected.

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Thank you all for your help, I am trying to formulate what I should say to him. Should I ignore the bit about the “amenities”?

How about: “I am glad to hear you enjoyed your stay but I am horrified to hear about the spider as we have never had one in the house before. I can understand that it was a most unpleasant incident for you but I wonder whether you realise the impact your review is going to have on me being able to rent out my home. I respectfully ask that you contact Airbnb and ask to have the spider story moved to the private feedback section.
Thanking you in anticipation”

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I feel the same way. The guy wanted to leave his jokey little story and that’s it. I never reply to reviews as it just makes then stand out. Concentrate on making the next guests happy and the spider review will soon be relegated to page two.


The spider thing would stop me from booking. I know it’s not the hosts fault and they can turn up anywhere. but I’m an arachnophobe and after knowing so specifically that happened to someone in that room, I just know I’d be on edge about it and not be able to sleep. Rediculous I know, but that’s phobias.
Still, that guy was an arsehole for mentioning it in the review. I wouldn’t dream of letting it affect my review of a place.

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I’m a birdophobe (there must be a proper name for that) and would never book a place that had hens or chickens. Some people though would find it wonderful. To each his own :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t think the review is that bad especially if you have 18 good reviews that counter it. I get spiders in my house all the time. it happens, nothing I can really do about it… It wouldn’t put me off booking.

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Ornithophobia .

I also agree that replying would just make it stand out, that being said make sure it doesn’t happen again so other reviews don’t reinforce this being an issue. You may lose out on the few guests who are gonna be put off by it, but it won’t be all of them.

Just bury that review on a heap of great reviews going forward.

Ps: **Don’t do this!!! but…**it’d be hilarious if you got a small black spiderman funko and left it with a chocolate by the pillow for future guests

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You absolutely need to respond. It shows that 1. you care. 2. it will increase your review-rate. That is one of your host matrix and listing optimization. The less responsive, the less likely you be ranked higher in position.

I would reply like Ash953, that is a PRO reply. But i put it a little different spin…

"Thanks for your feedback. The amenities you listed were in the cupboard, and I’ll make sure future guests know where they are located. [I sincerely apologize for] the spider. [I am sorry this happened to you and you should have bring to my attention immediately and situation could have been resolved to your satisfaction. Furthermore, I have taken steps to ensure this won’t happen to you or any of our guest in the future. Once again, thanks for your feedback and staying with us. Safe travels

P.S. 100% Money Back Guarantee if you see a Massive Black spider on your pillow.

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Bammm! I’d copy and paste exactly what you have written @Ash953 that’s awesome!

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Hi @konacoconutz,

I think you meant to write

It wouldn’t put me off booking

What you have there is a double negative. Sorry about the pedantry.

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Oh my gosh, @faheem, as I’ve said before, you do bring on a chuckle with me…hope you don’t mind me saying that periodically. ; D
Pedantry comes naturally to you as a scholar and a teacher and I welcome it since there is no one in my world who displays that quality.

Thanks to your occasional ‘$5 words’, I looked up ‘pedant’ the other day after you used it. I had never heard it before nor could I tell from its use what it meant. It turned out I was putting the accent on the wrong syllable when I was guessing at its pronunciation. I soon corrected it but thanks to you, I learned a new word!


this doesn’t sound like a bad review. You could add something about so sorry you had a spider, you’re the first to report this and we’ve not ever seen any. We’ll look into it right away. something along those lines.

Come on really ??? It’s a spider ! These things do what they want to do ! If I told I guest ‘I would be looking into it right away’ you can be sure I would have my tongue in my cheek.