Should I provide a bad review for this location?

I’m an airbnb superhost and I’m currently on vacation in France and of course have chosen here and Airbnb places.

Currently in Avignon France and staying in this place.

The place looks very good based on the listing but now then I’m here there are a number of issues which which I think do not match the listing.

Firstly when we ran out of toilet paper the Host said they only provide one roll of toilet paper for the entire stay for 3 guests. I normally have ay least 6 in the apartment and I don’t really care if guests want to take them away.

Secondly the apartment advertises a washing machine but the Host says they do not provide detergent. let’s seems like a stranger mission since how many travellers are carrying detergent with them. I always leave a box that laundry detergent in the apartment for guests to use.

Thirdly the toilet doesn’t flush properly and fourthly the over the tub shower drains very slowly as if there is a problem in the drainage system. You can be left standing in the pool of water from your shower for a while.

What surprises me is the number of positive reviews the place has received. Perhaps visitors in Europe have lower expectations but I would not be caught dead offering an apartment with that low level of amenities.

As an airbnb host I am always fearful of a bad review but in the circumstance I think it is warranted .

Just wondering what fellow host think of this.

Leave an honest review. If the host can’t be bothered to provide the bare necessities then they deserve all they get.

What a strange thing to say, based on one property.



It’s interesting that you judge everything by your own standards.

The first two items you quote are perfectly normal for a self-catering holiday. I provide ‘starter’ everything but I expect guests to go to the supermarket from time to time. If guests ask me for extra loo paper or laundry detergent, I provide it but don’t leave out a load of expensive consumables for them. Why put up my nightly fee to cover them? It makes more sense to supply them on demand.

The price for the listing is shown at $66 per night for up to six people. I truly wouldn’t have expected to find laundry detergent and abundant boggetry for that price.

Sorry, but I laughed out loud at this. What are you doing standing there? I don’t hang about standing in the shower once I’m done. About every month or so, the tub in one of our rentals drains slowly - thanks to guests who have spent the day at the beach and decided to shower off the sand at the apartment and not at the beach showers.

As you are a host, you know that you have to review honestly. You posted here to get opinions and mine (for what it’s worth) is that you got value for money. You chose the place despite the photographs, the low number of reviews, the short length of hosting time and the low price. It doesn’t look great from the listing.

Hosts often complain about guests having high expectations :rofl:


I think it’s common. When I used Airbnb through out Spain and in Cartagena, Colombia, it was the bare essentials. Just one roll of toilet paper, no paper towels, no dish washing soap, etc.

I provide everything when I host but then again I go to Costco. I think it’s just easier for me to provide stuff since I buy it in bulk.

In Europe and Latin America, they buy things as needed. I think it’s a cultural thing. Therefore, I did not ding those hosts when I reviewed them.


Stop judging by YOUR standards. It’s France, not Southern California! Not everyone supplies 6 rolls of TP and a cubic foot of laundry powder for two people.

Where in the listing did the host say he provides more than one roll of TP or a box of laundry detergent??? If the listing actually says that, then and only then do you have any reason to “ding” the host.

Maybe the toilet is supposed to flush that way – it’s probably older than you are!
Why do you continue to stand in the shower pan when your shower is over??

Review honestly, not with prejudice. "Place is very nice but needs some plumbing work on the shower drain and toilet flush.


For bookings of three or four days (our norm) I always make sure there is plenty of toilet paper, shower gel and shampoo. Same with laundry supplies in the utility room.

Does it eat into our margins, yes it does; but not by a great lot and so often guests have been pleasantly surprised to find that they don’t need to go out and buy laundry supplies. Some have even mentioned it in reviews so, for our target demographic, it could almost be looked at as an essential.

I know when I’m travelling I don’t expect to have to buy toilet paper and soap powder if I’m in an Airbnb that has a washing machine.



You should stayed with us then :slight_smile:



The main problem here seems that you are judging this listing by what you do as a host, rather than if the listing is as described.

It is standard in listings to provide a starter kit for items such as toilet rolls. If the listing doesn’t say it provides washing detergent then you shouldn’t expect it. Just go down to the local shop and get a small pack. (Personally I wouldn’t have booked the listing because it doesn’t provide any detail of what is provided, the rooms look rather basic and it doesn’t have great reviews for cleanliness).

If the toilet doesn’t flush properly and the shower drains slowly - what did the host say when you asked them about this?

What surprises me is that as an experienced host you are basing your expectations on how you run your listing, rather than what is described in the listing you booked.

It sounds like you found and chose to book a basic, budget listing, but would have preferred facilities normally found in more upmarket, expensive listings. Leave an honest review but don’t mark them down for not having amenities that you offer.

Your comments about visitors in Europe having lower expectations is just patronising.

Do have a look at the post on here hosting other hosts…you will find it illuminating.


Next time, for sure! Where in Spain are you? Last year we went to Girona, Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, Granada and Seville. Then there was a strike or something and there were no trains available so we flew back home. Would love to go back and see more of Andalusia.

This is where the problem starts, and why I avoid hosting “super” hosts. Most “super” hosts are always comparing to what they do, not what is standard for the area/price.

Like the others already said, you are renting a self providing listing, they provide you with the starter kit, and the rest is up to you. That is why you only pay €66 per night.

And for the plumbing issues, did you contact the host and give him/het the possibility to solve the issue.

Nothing worse than a guest that does not communicate an issue during a week long stay, but then backstabs you in the review.


I would be livid if I was dinged for not supplying laundry detergent. Yes I allow guests to use my machines, but I really do not want to encourage it. If I could lock off the laundry room I would. I think the OP got what they paid for.



Dammit, you beat me to it!!


Jerez, home to sherry, flamenco and horses. And me of course :wink:



And the Circuito de Jerez! :slight_smile:

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Ah yes, how could I forget the most expensive weekend of the year, second only the Feria de Caballo :smile:



I agree - I typically supply only enough detergent pods to do one or two loads of laundry per stay. I try to gauge it based on length of stay, number of people traveling, are they on an extended trip, etc., etc. When I’m traveling myself, I always bring my own (hubby doesn’t like scented products).

Personally, I would NEVER ding another host for not supplying detergent.


Sorry, but I have to say what I’m thinking here.

You sound like one of those hosts who expects everything to be up to their own standards, perhaps even better, and when they are not, complain. Many hosts here complain about such people, particularly picky SHs.

You are in La Belle France, not the USA. What you complain about is pretty much the norm for self catering, with the expectation that you go to a supermarket to top up. JohnF is simply very generous!

When we stay s/c in Portugal, I expect to buy t/p and always take a small bottle of liquid detergent. And tea bags; Yorkshire ones (that’s for Jaquo)

As for standing in the bath tub watching how long the water takes to drain… did you time it?


Of all the comments in this thread this is the one that resonates most with me. if you’re going to provide a washing machine and say it’s usable let the guests know you need to bring your own soap. And one toilet roll in fact it was more liking half a roll of paper for 3 people for 3 days does not seem like it’s efficient.

My comment about European expectations may have been a bit strange but was based on all the other people’s reviews of the place, primary from Europe who did not make any comments.

Maybe my expectations were too high but I would have expected some basic facilities.

Just a rebuttal to the person about what do I do in the shower. The shower over the bath drain so slowly so you can have a 5-minute shower and the water would be around your ankles. If people find this acceptable then I guess my standard are somewhat different.

As for contacting the Host she was now in another country and unlikely to be able to do anything.

I’d say those are mediocre reviews. I feel that anything with 4.5 stars is iffy, especially since the weak category is cleanliness. I avoid hosts with multiple places, and when they are all less than 5 star I avoid. I avoid places with no description. She also hasn’t been hosting long and I look for hosts with more experience (I always filter for SH). I can’t check the actual price because the calendar is blocked which is another red flag for me.

But I agree with everyone’s assessment. The price is great, you got what you paid for. You are not renting your place, you are renting someone else’s place and the listing seems to accurately reflect what you got.

A review should always be an honest reflection of your experience. Go ahead, be the ugly American.


Yeah, but only with bog roll and soap powder :smile: touch my bottle of Rio Viejo oloroso and I’ll chop yer fingers off!