Should I Have Guest Change Reservation

Hey Guys. I’ve been hosting a few months now and so far everything has been straightforward and my guests have been fine. I approved a request to book for what looks to me to be a new Air user as he had no reviews. He has been communicative and nothing seemed odd. I sent him check in instructions as he arrives tomorrow. He responded with.

“My older daughter (24) will be arriving before me with my other daughter and their friend. I will arrive late at night or on Saturday morning. If this is an issue, she can book it through her airbnb account.”

He had already told me they were coming to celebrate his daughter’s birthday. Part of me thinks this could be a way to let three girls come and act crazy and not have it come back to bite them in a review. However, I’m wondering if that isn’t a bit of an over reaction. The fact that he is offering for her to book through her own account seems in good faith, except that I have no way of looking up her account and seeing her reviews. If she has her own account, why didn’t she book in the first place? I just don’t want this to end up being a third party booking for which I will have no recourse if something goes wrong.

Would you have them change the reservation or just leave it alone? How do they go about changing it? Do they call Airbnb or do they send me some kind of change request? I appreciate any insight here. Thanks in advance.

I thought that guests that already have Airbnb accounts can be added to the reservation.


Yes. The father should use the invite function, which should be somewhere in his reservation.


Oh that is handy! Thanks so much for letting me know!

So, how ‘party prone’ is your place?

Are you close by? Do you have cameras? Has this new user uploaded his ID yet? Do you have good STR insurance?

It could be just like your Mr New User presented it, but it could also be something total different from an older dude (or changing older dudes) with three young ladies to a young people FB party …
In most scenarios if something goes amiss you might have a hard time trying recuperate any damages.
Just saying, but I am probably this forum way too much. Why don’t you call Airbnb and talk to them about your doubts. Make sure they add it to your file and see if they can call Mr New User and eliminate those nagging doubts.

I would bet money the dude never even shows and this is just a plain old third party booking. I would not allow that myself and tell the guy either he shows up for check in or nobody gets in.

Well, we are on site, so I don’t think we are particularly party prone. It is New Orleans and about half of our guests have come in for birthday’s, but the partying seems to happen in the Quarter. Guests come home to crash, shower and do it all over again. He has uploaded ID has a profile pic etc.

Nola is a party destination. I would not find this reservation odd at all.

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At the very least get the right number of guests. I charge the same for 1 or 2 but often people only book for 1 but mention a second so I ask them accept a booking change and point out it won’t effect the price just want to get the book accurate. I don’t mention this is so if anything goes wrong the people are on the booking not guests of guests.

All is well. I’ve spoken with Airbnb and they have confirmed/added both of his daughters’ accounts to the reservation (there are 4 guests total). He has been highly communicative through the whole process which makes me feel better. Thanks so much for all the advice, folks!

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