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Should I check in with the guest?


I rent out our guestroom and our guest still hasn’t touched base this evening, I know it is saturday, so he might be out partying, but it is also the first night with some snow and the guy has summer tires… so Im a bit worried that he isn’t here yet. Should I send him a message or not? I will stay up for a few hours more myself. Who knows, maybe he followed someone home from a bar or something? I have no clue. It is half past midnight here.


Do you have self check in? And how do you know he has summer tires?

Without knowing the answers I’ll just say No, you should not check in with the guest.


What time did he say he’d be arriving? How late is he?

I would go to bed!


I have self check in but the guest has already checked in and didn’t use it. I know he has summer tires because he brought his car and he is from a country where winter tires are illegal.
He is here on buisiness and as far as I know not pleasure, however he hasn’t said how late he would be working. He left early this morning though, probably before 9 am.


PS its 1 am here now. Still no sign of him.


So the guest has already checked in but you are up worrying about him like his mother? I’m sure you mean well but this somehow isn’t seeming like a situation I would want to be in as a guest. Once the guest has checked in and knows how to get in and out they probably neither want nor need to be monitored.

I understand. I have self check in and I often finding myself waking up and checking the security camera to see if they arrived okay. But I don’t message them to check on them.


Truly, go to bed. You’ll be no good as a host if you’ve only had a few hours sleep! I understand - I go into ‘mother-mode’ too with guests sometimes but this is a grown man. I’m assuming that you don’t need to be around - he has a key to get in?

If anything has happened to him, which it probably hasn’t, then you losing sleep isn’t going to change anything.

And he’ll probably resent you mothering him anyway - please go to bed :slight_smile:


Okay I won’t check in on him. But I’m a night owl and it is the good Kon Tiki movie about Thor Heyerdahl on right now, too good to miss out on even if Ive seen it before.


Not your circus, not your monkey. He is an adult and it’s his problem. Watch you movie then go to bed!


Are you concerned because of road conditions? Is your area having snow or ice? If you are concerned his car is in a ditch and he is stranded, send a message via Airbnb “Hi xxx. I hope you are enjoying your time here. If you have any concerns or encounter any weather related problems, let me know. We will figure out how to help”. That way he will know you are up and will call you if stranded.

While not your problem I can appreciate if you are concerned about his welfare in bad weather. address it and go to bed. If you want to watch a movie for your enjoyment —do it.


I would not check on him. This would creep me out as a guest.


@Maria_Flygare - I’m longing to know the sequel!


Yes and yes but now Im starting to think that maybe he’s been either with a ons or in a drunk cell or something because he wasn’t here today either. But to update you all: He wrote that he knew he had “disappered” and wanted to pay for another night because he couldn’t come and get his luggage until the day after he was supposed to have checked out for some reason. (I find this very strange, but funny at the same time.) I must say Im glad that he sent us a message so we know he’s not dead by the road at least.

These were the 2 messages I got:
“Sorry, I’ve disappeared :frowning: It looks like I’ll be back to Tibro tomorrow”

“In the evening. Is it OK if I’ll pick up my luggage tomorrow at about 20:00? I’ll pay for another day of course.”


P.S. so far he hasn’t paid for the extra day yet.


Thanks for updating. I so much went into mother-mode that I actually thought about your guest when I woke up this morning :slight_smile:


Jaquo Aww… I think my husband and I are totally damaged by all our years in Couchsurfing (Like Airbnb only for free but with a lot more social guests) where people are supposed to care a lot more I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

But having a guest “disappear” is unusual… and a bit strange. I first thought that maybe he had stayed the night at his work, but his messages doesn’t sound like it.


Thanks for the update. Glad he messaged you.

I appreciate you being concerned during bad weather about a guest who appears to be poorly prepared. Personally, I’ve had little experience with snow & ice so I would be the guest in the ditch.

There is a difference between being nosy and concerned because of weather. Sounds like he found someone “entertaining” to spend time with. Yep-get the extra money for the extra night.


Yeah it isn’t easy for foreigners to come prepared for our climate. This fall we had a guy who was on a bike holiday and tented, however the cold caught him off guard and he rented our Airbnb. He said “But you had those summer forest fires!” and I was like “yeah, but that was then.” things can change quickly here and temperatures can be very different depending on where in our country you are.


Forest fires? Did you forget to rake?


It would seem you both got lucky!

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