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Should I check in with the guest?


He (Elvis) was such a beautiful and talented man until booze and drugs entangled him in their evil web.

Getting older is fine—we all do it if we are fortunate.


Airhost forum jinx.

For the first time ever (500+ guests over 4.5 years) my guest who checked in Sunday night did not seemingly return last night. His car was gone when I got up and as is my creepy habit, I checked the Ring app to see when he left this morning. But nothing. He popped in briefly last night and hasn’t been back. And now I find myself worrying, just like the OP. :worried::grimacing:


Guys are gonna do what guys do.

As long as he has paid, and is following house rules, I’d take a deep breadth and relax. Maybe watch a movie. :wink:


A hookup or a night in the cell for DUI. :slight_smile:


Well, I knocked on his door, no answer. Peeped in and his stuff is gone. I guess he flew home last night and since he wanted to have the place all day or didn’t know for sure when he’d leave he just booked Wed. It was a good run. I hope he returns sometime.


My guest had taken a quick trip home to Germany apparently but then came back.


Wow, crazy. My guest was also a bit odd this last stay. When I checked the security footage for Tuesday night he didn’t go out with suitcases so I had no idea he had checked out. I’d already deleted the morning Ring video but I could go back and look for footage on my other cameras. But he paid and I know he’s alive so I just enjoyed my night off last night. When I went in this morning I see he slept in the bed and he took at least one shower but the untouched roll of toilet paper is still unused.

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