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Should I be concerned with a 4/5 review?


Hi guys,

I’ve hosted 10-12 guests and have received 9 reviews. 8/9 are 5 stars except for 1 (4 star). I am also slightly concerned that 3/9 rated 4 stars under “accuracy”.

  1. should I be concerned?
  2. what do you recommend me do to address/improve?

Thanks so much,

Five stars for each category, but four stars overall? What am I missing?

Hi, I wouldn’t be concerned. From my experience I have 10/11 five stars, and 1 four star. I achieved Superhost status within 15 months. I find the best way to improve is to ask the guests directly. I always secure their email address and mobile nos. I have a database of over 60 groups and have done one emailed research exercise recently to capture their views, especially our weaknesses and where we can improve. I received approx. 25 replies that have been invaluable in helping us to step up our game even further. Hope this helps and happy hosting. Rgds, Eric


Thanks Eric.do you know if we could check the number of stars each guest has left ? So I could follow up with each specific guest?


I wouldn’t worry about it. I have some 4 star ratings and it is has not slowed down bookings at all.


Hi Euphoria Soul,
I do not believe you can trace back a guest’s individual star rating. As previous poster confirms, 4 star ratings are good and have little impact on your overal standing. Good luck!
Best rgds,


I also received 3 out 14 reviews 3* stars for accuracy. I really don’t even know what exactly it means “accuracy”. For me it refers to cleanliness but there is a category for that.


Accuracy means that your listing was a factual description of what the space actually turned out to be.


Thanks , Tessa. I thinki know what it is: size of beds. Sometimes I switch rooms around and each room has different size of beds. Otherwise I can’t think of anything else

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