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Should I be concerned about revealing my address to a guest inquiring


I have a guest inquiring to stay with this request: “Interested in renting your property in June. Never been to Fairfield Bay. Wanting to drive there this AM and see the area and drive by the house. Realize no address is given. Could you please give us the address so that we might drive by.” Would you give your street name or what’s your recommendation. We have a pic of the front of the house online and do have security camera’s. Also, is there is no way to see any info on person inquiring other than it. Says they’ve been a member since 2016. Ty!, Dena


strange. Are they local enough to drive past, or will they use google street? If they have your address, would that be of any criminal advantage to them? It wouldn’t give them any data as to whether you’re in or not, and they would have spotted the security cameras.
I say go for it.
I believe that just because a stranger knows your address, it doesn’t make you vulnerable to them, unless you are a target in some way.


someone on this forum said "I can’t give my address out, they may burgle me. Well, at least you’d have the details of the suspects!


Thx Barns, This place is middle of now where Arkansas basically. I mean, maybe they live in Little Rock and r dropping everything to take a drive. Who know’s. I will try to ask them some questions. Thx again!


Another observation on security…one member was worried that as a guest hadn’t returned keys they may have been due for a burgling, which again, would be very daft on behalf of the guests with the keys. I’d say that all the previous guests who diligently returned their keys (having potentially made copies) are more suspicious, as they are making an alibi to avoid suspicion!
The type of criminal that would ask for an address, or forget to return keys, is probably so dumb that they’re probably already in prison :rofl:


If it were me, I would reply:

Thank you for your interest in renting our place. As you have been a member of AirBnb since 2016, I’m sure you are aware that addresses or other specifics which pinpoint properties are not publicized or provided in advance for obvious security concerns. I can assure you that our rental is very popular and we consistently receive the highest rating of 5-stars from our guests. Our photos are accurate and we would be happy to host you on your selected dates. Please tell us what brings you to our area and I will be happy to gather some helpful information for you.


SandyToes, great response! Very helpful! Ty!


And I wouldn’t. I don’t want to find people in my garden, peeking in windows. I don’t want my current guests or clients to be inconvenienced. This whole AirBNB thing is based on trust. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to need the address before committing to renting a place.

This is not about burglary. It is about this is my home and I don’t need unknown strangers meandering around my house.

Two years ago, some realtor stole a rental listing, but they got the address wrong. They put MY address and it was creepy to have people peering into my windows. Our zillow page is still wrong. Wrong type of house; wrong photos; wrong number of bathrooms. After three months, I gave up on fixing the mess.


Gotta agree with @smtucker – I will NEVER give out our address. I don’t want strangers – good, bad or indifferent wandering around. “Sorry potential guest, it’s against AirBnb policy to give out addresses until you are actually booked with a host.”


They can probably get your street name by zooming in on the map and maybe even find your house. I wouldn’t give it to them on principle but if they know how to use Airbnb they can come by and get a look at the outside. If they came up and rang my bell I’d be irritated.


yeah, but you and Tucker are the grumpies! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Really? I know you think you are clever and funny, but there really isn’t any reason to insult me.


Help, I’m being attacked!


Well, as always we have a good variety of viewpoints! I am in the don’t-care-if-they-know camp. It is possible to figure out where we are from our Airbnb listing plus we show a photograph of the exterior. True, this photograph isn’t the view of the property that people would see from the road but nevertheless, anyone who was determined could identify the property.


“Help, I’m being attacked!” … :laughing: :grin:


Airbnb will block the address so you can’t give it to them anyway.


I had a (apparently) nice lady contact me and ask some questions as her friends had previously stayed and wanted to make sure it was right for them. As they were planning on staying for a week I encouraged them to drive by and drop in for a coffee and say hello as their friends were great guests. After the proposed time I never heard from her again. I wouldn’t have minded if she said “we drove past but it wasn’t what we were looking for”. Then again that is pretty standard for guests who you reply to and decide not to book. I am guessing that knowing I live upstairs would put off anyone who was casing the joint.


I would not give them the address, especially if the person does not have any ratings or bookings before.
On the map on Airbnb people can see more or less where your place is. This information should be enough.

On the other hand keep in mind that airbnb verfies users with their passport, so if a user is verified you should be fine


Keep in mind that in the US, most Americans don’t have passports. The percentage of foreign travelers varies widely. At my suburban pit stop along a major highway my percentage of foreign tourists has been about 5%.


But isn’t the Airbnb Account backed with an official document like an Id-card, driving license?

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