Should Airbnbs outside the USA set up special "fleeing America" promotions for November

Our Airbnb is less than an hour by car* north of the border between the USA and Canada. When I read this article I got to wondering whether properties outside the USA should set up promotions for the days (and months) following November’s presidential election in the USA – and if so, a discount rate (out of compassion) or a surcharge (for letting it happen).

*10 hours if fleeing on foot


Back before the 2016 election, or just after, some real estate agent in the US had a billboard campaign where he was offering to help people relocate to Mexico if they wanted to flee. Fox News did an interview with him, which I only know about (since I don’t watch Fox) because of the bimbo Fox host who said,“But if Americans move to Mexico they’ll lose their US citizenship.”

So her typically ignorant comment was trending and being laughed at on Mexican expat forums, because, no dear, you don’t lose your US citizenship. If US citizens lost their US citizenship, the IRS wouldn’t be able to require expats to file tax returns and pay US taxes. It actually costs thousands of dollars to renounce US citizenship.

I also find it funny when Americans say if the election results aren’t their cup of tea, “We’ll move to Canada”. As if Canada is just some free-for-all with no immigration rules and you can just hire a moving van, pack up the SUV and “move to Canada”.


I absolutely and unequivocally despise DJT. I am also a member of some of the groups that his most ardent supporters target with their genocidal and undemocratic policy proposals. I said for years that I need to keep my passport ready in case I have to flee the country. I’ve taken a few other steps as well. But my basic plan is to stay and fight.

Muddy is right, it’s the height of arrogance (an American specialty) to act like there would be willingness of other countries to take on millions of Americans. Maybe Israel will take us since we send them more of our money than any other nation. It’s arrogant, ignorant and selfish.

I Am A Patriot by Little Steven is best known as performed by Jackson Browne but I love Eddie Vedder’s version.

P.S. the answer to your question is yes if that’s something a host feels like they would like to do. But most of the people who say they will move are just talking. I stubbornly continue to believe that ultimately the American system would act to prevent the worst DJT impulses from being carried out. I hope the voters will reject him as well.


This idea was certainly a consideration for me in 2016 since we owned a chalet in Quebec and could have moved there. I choose to suffer the Trump era in my Blue State of Maryland. We sold our Quebec home so that’s not an option in 2024. A couple of things instantly happened in 2016. Most of my foreign bookings cancelled and did not recover until 2021 and then COVID hit so still pretty slow. I am hopeful and will actively try to prevent another 4 years of the yellow monster as a committed independent!


It costs (tens of) thousands of dollars to get it in the first place unless you were born here. If getting citizenship of any country was as simple as merely living there, I wonder what sort of world we’d have then?

There are much easier ways to promote a rental than advertising it as a ‘fleeing America’ option. :rofl:

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There’s no indication he has gained any supporters since 2020, when he lost, and in the meantime, he’s lost some, so barring the Republicans managing to institute enough voter suppression and gerrymandering, he’ll get less votes this time around than last time. Or his dementia will get so bad (it’s been quite obviously worsening rapidly) he will be non-functional by November, or in prison. :crossed_fingers:

MSM keeps up the fear of another DJT victory- none of the major news outlets apparently cares about anything but viewership and ratings anymore.


Unless said rental is just 48 minutes from the United States border! :laughing: :laughing:


A way to send a clear signal that your values are aligned with adult versions of life.

In the Laurentions??


No Blue Sea, QC - north of Gatineau. :smiling_face:

I hope decency prevails this election year. I pulled a Republiklan primary ballot to cast a protest vote for Nikki. I live in MA, so obviously a Dem will win. I keep my passport current mostly so I can travel abroad to get away from the US for a while. The few times I went to Canada during the 4 years of regression under 45, Canadians were very kind and took pity on us who had to deal with the regime, but politics in other countries isn’t always rosy. Obviously, some of the scandals pale in comparison to ours. Frankly, it’s the war-crime-committing governors and senators of certain states who terrify me more. Killing babies on the Mexican Border, advocating for the slaughter of trans people, the subjugation of women as human incubators, and Christian nationalism worry more than the orange monster. As an openly gay Airbnb host, I can only hope our guest room is a welcome reprieve to Americans and foreign travelers coming from oppressive states. There are few countries that are relatively easy for a US citizen to settle down as an expat, if you have the right resources. Canada, sadly, is not among them.


Mexico is fairly easy to get residency status. You need to prove financial solvency, but that’s basically the only major hoop to jump through.

Of course, it isn’t an English-speaking country, so there is that challenge to think about, though if you move to one of the heavily ex-pat areas, you can “get by” without speaking Spanish. But of course, “getting by” in a place where you don’t speak the language is a less than ideal situation.

And surprisingly, for what appears to be a “macho” society, Mexicans are generally accepting of LGBTQ+ folks, and Puerto Vallarta is known as the gay capital of Mexico.

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“If getting citizenship of any country was as simple as merely living there, I wonder what sort of world we’d have then?”

Well, you don’t have to wonder. We have that in the U.S… Is it a utopia here now? No? Will it be if Trump wins? No? No one wants a president and its judiciary prosecuting political opponents. Well, look around, that’s exactly what is happening right now. Anyone see this?

That’s interesting that you have to prove financial solvency. While that is true, I wonder why we don’t have that in the U.S. Many European countries require the same as Mexico, plus some have a 5 year waiting period to continue to prove you will be a contributing member of their country before being able to take advantage of the social services their citizens enjoy. All of those countries actually enforce their immigration laws, while coming to the U.S., you will be given debit cards, transportation, free medical care, education, etc, plus you will be registered to vote in our elections. Now which country sounds like a better place to move?

“Having money” should never be the ticket to getting citizenship. A good citizen can be impoverished - why would money be the barrier to entering our democracy?

The MAGAt trying to rule again has loads of money - and he is precisely the worst type of ‘citizen’.

“Give me your tired, your poor… etc”.

This is false. Also, this forum will not be platforming the misinformation efforts of
MAGA republicanism.

I want to live in a nation of laws that apply to everyone. When a President tries to direct election fraud and fosters a treasonous insurrection, I do want them prosecuted. “No one is above the law” is still the ideal that we should seek, though we fall short.


As an English person who has lived in the US for thirty years, I can assure you that is not the case.


Someone else started this thread with political intent and others contributed misleading and false statements. I’m interested in accuracy in this forum. Let’s keep this relevant to STR concerns.

Good. That means you won’t object to the removal of MAGA disinformation.

What is accurates is that politics and STR hosting are intertwined. Everything has a political aspect to it.

I just hosted a third party booking of a couple from S. America. I suspect they are refugees. Their money spends just like anyone else’s and I was happy to host them.

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