Should Airbnbs outside the USA set up special "fleeing America" promotions for November

This is the first outright lie I have ever seen in this forum.

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You do. Unless someone qualifies under refugee status, those applying for US residency must show that they can support themselves, or have an employer, friend, or relative sponsor them who is financially responsible for them. Educate yourself.

Mexico also takes in refugees who do not have to prove financial solvency.

“According to the UNHCR Annual Statistical Report, by 31 December 2022, there were over 95,000 recognized refugees and over 210,000 asylum-seekers in Mexico. Mexico has a favourable legal framework for the inclusion of asylum-seekers and refugees into national systems. Recognized refugees have the right to work and access formal employment and the social protection system. Refugees and asylum-seekers may access the education and health systems as well as most government programmes.”

But the majority of foreigners who move to Mexico are not refugees fleeing a terrible economic or violent situation- they are retirees or average people who just decided to try living here. There are also thousands of foreigners who are in Mexico illegally, who came in on a tourist visa and never left. Sometimes they get caught but mostly they don’t. Every few years Mexico seems to have an amnesty program where those who have been here illegally can apply for residency.

And no country grants citizenship simply on the basis of living there. Citizenship is always based on either being born somewhere, being born to parents who are citizens, or going through a lengthy application and approval process.

Sounds like you’ve swallowed the MAGA disinformation hook line and sinker.


Then to begin with, let’s have a lesson in the English language. There is a great deal of difference between a migrant (who was the subject of the link you posted) and an immigrant (which was part of the original topic of this conversation).

The very fact that immigrants have to pay thousands of dollars in lawyers’ fees, visa applications and other red tape shows that in fact, one does have to be solvent, extremely so, to get legal residency status. This is far more than the ‘proving financial solvency’ to which @muddy referred.


Yes, please do.


And of course the more onerous and expensive a country makes applying for refugee status, the more likelihood that migrants will try to sneak in.

The erroneous idea that migrants are lazy and looking for government handouts is just xenophobic nonsense. Most migrants are just looking for a better life for themselves and their families, which consists of better opportunities for employment and a safe living environment.

People who “don’t want to work” are few and far between and being gainfully employed is a big part of the majority of humans’ sense of self-worth. Mental or physical health issues, drug and alcohol addictions, lack of enough education to qualify for a decent paying job, or a lack of job opportunities, having no one else to look after children or elderly or infirm relatives, are the most common reasons for unemployment, not laziness and a desire to live off govt. assistance.

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I think the prospect of a weeks-long hardship hike through the jungle en-route screens out the lazy and unambitious.


You know who’s lazy?
Native born citizens who intentionally eat and smoke their way to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and emphysema just so they can go on government disability pensions at age 50. (I read it on the internet.)


We could start a whole list of those who are lazy and prefer not to actually work. Like trust-fund babies and online “influencers”. Bitcoin and other online scammers. “Hosts” who steal house photos from real estate ads and online str sites and scam unaware guests out of their money. I suppose those who call elderly people, pretending to be their grandson, who just got his wallet stolen while travelling and desperately needs grandma to wire him some money, convince themselves they are working, just not legally.

(I’ve never gotten one of those scammer calls, but I know what my response to them would be.
"So tell me, when you were a little kid and people asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, did you say ‘I want to be a phone scammer who bilks elderly people out of their money?’ ")

I looked back over the thread and couldn’t find any false or misleading statements aside from yours.


As a US government teacher, I found most my students didn’t know the answers to the citizenship test that immigrants take to become citizens.


I’m sure the same holds true for Canada and many other countries.

And I remember being a bit shocked that Amy Klobuchar, who I kind of liked otherwise, when asked during her campaign for the Dem. nomination in 2020, was unable to name the President of Mexico. You’d think someone who was running for POTUS would at least know the names of the leaders of the only two countries that border the US.

In Canada these things are give to those adjudicated as asylum seekers, and as a Canadian taxpayer I am pleased that we devote resources to doing so, including for this family, whom I originally met when they booked our Airbnb prior to being chased out of Russia to escape imprisonment as “dissidents.”

The link above goes to the original online article about this family. There is a link at the bottom of that story that links to an update


That is simply not true.

Look at the “Dreamers” in the USA. These are young adults who were brought to the USA as young children by their undocumented parents, grew up living an All-American life, and (to qualify as dreamers) have completed their education and have a clean criminal record.

In spite of years of direct support from the White House (Obama and Biden)… even these young people do not qualify for American citizenship or get American citizenship. They are ineligible because they entered the country and settled here without going through the whole onerous, extended official immigrant process.

I have no idea whether LakeLife is a smart or stupid person, but he/she is certainly making themself sound stupid when they come in here and claim that people are getting automatic American citizenship just by “living” in the United States.

@Spark You mixed up those quotes. You attributed Jaquo’s quote to me.

Fixed, thanks.


people opposed to immigration hate the fact that immigrants have more drive than them. That’s why they don’t want them. If I was an employer, I would mostly hire recent immigrants. Lower cost, higher profits, more driven employees who are not as entitled. Only a few roles require US citizens.

A lot of our inflation problems in the US would be solved if we allow more immigration. Our property values would also go up faster if we allow immigration.

To me, immigration is synonymous with growth and progress. But there are some people opposed to both.


Whenever someone claims that “illegals” or immigrants are “taking all our jobs”,I ask them, “Oh, which job did you apply for that an immigrant or migrant beat you out of- scrubbing out wealthy people’s toilets and looking after their children, or crawling around in a hot dusty tomato field all day? Or maybe it was the one that involved humping 5 gallon pails of cement up a ladder?”

This video is many years old now,and the first time I watched it, I read the comments below it. It was bizarre how all these “politically correct” people were all upset, saying it was discriminatory towards Mexicans. They seemed to have completely missed that it was made by a Mexican-American comedian, as well as that it was actually poking fun at Americans who claim that Mexicans take their jobs.

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CEO of Microsoft, Nvidia, Google.

Companies with foreign born ceos have done well on the stock market recently ( particularly Nvidia and Microsoft).

Twitter is not doing well because Elon fired the immigrant CEO :slight_smile:

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