Should Airbnb charge a commission on a cleaning fee?

I do not have any problem with it taking it off the daily rate but since they do not do any of the cleaning, I do not feel it is fair that they take something off the top of that. If they are worried that a host may charge a low daily rate and then charge an extremely high cleaning fee to avoid paying a commission, then you can cap a cleaning fee to be no more than 20% (or whatever they want) for that. Do others feel the same way, shall we start a petition or movement or does airbnb censor their forums (putting this suggestion in is my small way of making the world better.)

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No it doesn’t bother me.

Waste of time to petition. I’m sure they see it as part of the total, so therefore commissionable. It’s not really all that much that they charge us.

Complain too much about little things and they will raise their commission on us to 5 percent. :rofl::grimacing::moneybag:


Waste of time. AirBnB is a dictatorship, not a federalist quasi-democratic-socialism. They’ll just laugh at your petition. “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” they say. This is small stuff.


Can not think of any reason why the Service Charge should be treated differently.

I think Airbnb is the only platform that I can use in my situation - home owner letting out rooms - so I will just have to suck up any changes they make.
I don’t think that their commissions are over the top, anyhow.

Hi @Jacqueline

Normally there are lots of platforms you can use for your situation.

Hi @Helsi I would be most appreciative if you have a few names. Most of the platforms I have found seem to be aimed at whole house or apartment letting.

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It depends on your country. Normally if you do a quick Google search they will come up.

If you are in the UK then I can help :slight_smile: Or post your country and hosts from there can advise.

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I hail from the UK but now live in Perth, Australia. A few weeks ago I tried to set myself up on “Short Term Stays” but it was very difficult and I lost faith in it. They even called me up to try and talk me through it but the person on the phone seemed not to know how to do it either. Anyone in Australia now of anything besides Gumtree.

I only use one platform here because I only let out my room some of the time (about half the month) and am always booked through Airbnb when I want bookings.

I did look at other platforms here but didn’t like how they worked/commission was more/support not as good.

However I do know other hosts here use multiple platforms and integrate calendars to keep on top of things.

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The rental and backpacker networks on FB are good for bookings of weeks and months. Eg in Melbourne we have ‘ Melbourne rental network’, Melbourne backpacker etc but this depends if you want couples and small groups, want to deal with budget travelers and do more leg work than Airbnb
eg show room, deal with cash, get manual contracts, have no host insurance or large company to market for you and find guests and bring them to your door. That’s why I use Airbnb :slight_smile:


This has been failing me lately. I already did a double booking once and Air undid it. Then I had a TA come in for dates that WERE booked and the calendar was open!

Always have to check my paper calendar now.

I do not have any problem with Air charging 3% of the total cost whether that is my pet fee or my cleaning fee or whatever.
I have lots of problems with them, but that isn’t one.

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