Shifting from STL to LTL (Politics Free Topic)

Having only used AirBNB, I’m just getting prepared should I opt to do a long(ish) term listing in lieu of AirBNB

Anyone care to share a good contract, site to access such, advice for contract and management, credit checks, etc.

For now, I’m looking potentially for 3 month contracts max

FAIR WARNING: For the sake of trying to create a ‘safe zone’ for all members I’m asking that we leave political opinions out of this discussion. There are many other topics that we can share such, so no matter your political view point, it will be flagged.


I am an hour from Palm Springs/Palm Desert and have turned down 3-4 month summer rentals in the past. I was just searching my emails to find the people I said no to and reaching out. I am going to market this to more affluent people with nicer homes than mine who want to escape the broiler months in the desert. I Have not figured out how to reach that market yet, thinking targeted FB ads, even though I hate FB

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I’ve no particular advice about those particular issues (although I’ve done both short and long term over the years) but I just wanted to applaud you for creating a politics-free zone. :slight_smile:


That will be a 3 month lease. And you can either have it terminate after 3 months or let it become a month-to-month lease after 3 months - you’ll want to know the details of the laws in Arizona regarding this (e.g. in some states, all leases automatically become month to month at the end date). You’ll likely need to give 30 days notice 1 month prior to the end of the 3 months even if it’s only a 3 month lease, again, this will completely depend on AZ landlord-tenant laws. You’ll also need to provide any state or locality required disclosures (lead paint, floods, etc). And you’ll need to make sure that your insurance (home owner’s, flood insurance, etc) is upgraded for having tenants (“landlord insurance”).

Basically, you’ll need to become familiar with your AZ and local (sorry, I don’t remember your city) landlord-tenant reguations as 28+ days will likely fall under those. When we first bought our home, it’s a multi-unit, we took “Landlord Classes” offered by our state housing department and those were super-useful. Maybe AZ has something like that? We also got all the forms we needed from the housing authority as well. Here are some links I found to get you started:

AZ Lease form:

AZ Landlord-Tenant Laws:

Phoenix Landlord-Tenant Program (I don’t know if you’re in Phoenix, but, either way, the free forms here are relevant throughout AZ):


Phoenix - yes. THANK YOU

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I just looked closer at that lease I sent you and, assuming you’ll be renting your place furnished, there are a couple of important things that are missing: utilities and what is provided by the landlord (appliances, furnishing, etc) most notably.

I have a better lease for you! We chose it because there’s lots of room for us to list furnishings and the utilities are addressed within it. It’s an MLS statewide lease, but for my state, not AZ. However, you may be able to find an MLS lease for AZ or if you have the “edit” package for Adobe Acrobat d could just edit to fit for you. But, in full disclosure, I do not know AZ laws whatsoever so do take that into account. Perhaps it may just be an “example” for you to have and then find an AZ lease so you’re covered fully.

I don’t want the whole world to know where I live so am going to PM you. (If anyone else would like it, I’m happy to PM to you too, let me know.)

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In the USA you can use Zillow rentals. Used to be free, they now charge a fee. The fee isn’t unreasonable (not cheap either) What you pay depends on services.

They offer
Rental listing with pictures and description
Sample Lease documents
Credit check
Limited background check.

For a monthly fee they provide a portal for lease payment (you can do same for free with Zelle and Venmo)

I’ve already created my listing. I haven’t posted it yet.

I think Apartments dot com is free. I don’t know details. May be a listing service only.


hiya, would you please send me your mls lease? pretty please? cheers and mych thanks!

so airbnb also does long term stays. Has anyone tried this with any luck?
I’d like to rent to corporate folks. anyone doing that?

I wonder if placing a small ad in a Palm Springs web-based magazine like Locale or Palm Springs Life is too expensive? Probably is but never hurts to ask.

I am going to look into that, first thing will be my real estate CRM, I have 6000 emails for people interested in the area.

One thing I will be doing is only offering a 3-4 month prepaid lease. I only want people who can afford it, I do not want anyone who does not have a full time home somewhere else.


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RentPrep is a great resource. I don’t rent LT without criminal background checks and credit checks. Also take a look at Bigger Pockets, with tons of RE investors and advice.

I’ve provided a lot of info on Corporate Rentals (Midterm Rentals). Search for my replies to get those details.

Good luck.


OTW. And also a link for your state :slight_smile:

And also (sorry, just found it):

Showing the unit to a lot of people then getting all the paperwork to lease is a big pain in the butt. I would do a 12 month lease if it were me. My LTR’s the leasing is the most time consuming part. So I would not want to do that 4 times a year.

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I listed in Airbnb”sublet” for LTR. So far I’m booked by 3 groups of renters through August 7th. I’m going to list on Zillow as well. We’ll see how it goes.

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How do I “bookmark”, or save a conversation on this forum? I click on various things thinking that’s what I’m doing and end up doing something else entirely. Thanks for any help.

I recently started using DocuSign for e-signing of the lease for >30day rentals including those on Airbnb.

Easy. Try it before you buy it: process 3 documents for free.

Fees vary & depend on type of usage.


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You can do this on Airbnb. Just change settings to longer stays. I am often contacted about these. Be aware many state landlord laws will allow people up to 90 days as you go through the eviction process. If the person loses their job after they lease, you may have them there a LONG time living for free. If your property is upscale you probably don’t have as much to worry about. Another option is posting an ad for room for rent on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. Transient workers often look for such ads. Before Airbnb we ran rooming houses. Very seldom had any problems.