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Sharing Guidebook Link with Guests

Today I tried to send my guidebook link to a guest and the system changes the numbers in the link to “(Phone number hidden by Airbnb)”. The system no longer recognizes that the numbers are embedded in a link. Anyone else experience this? How do you share the link with your guests? (If you’re not familiar, the guidebook link is not easy to find for guests and is buried in the site.)

Here is the link to our guidebook:

The system reads as this AFTER you’ve already sent it to the guest and it no longer works:
https://www.airbnb.com/s/guidebooks?refinement_paths[]=%2Fguidebooks% (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) &user_id= (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) &ref_device_id=706d629debec8eec&_branch_match_id= (Phone number hidden by Airbnb)

I don’t know how to help with this. But you’ve helped ME! I haven’t updated my guidebook in “too long”. This was a good reminder to do it.

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Sadly, this a task I have been putting off for months. Not just the Airbnb version, but our own far more detailed version.

So many small bars, restaurants and flamenco joints have closed for good here that’s its heartbreaking to chalk them off.

In so many instances we know the folks involved, and keep them listed in the hope they’ll maybe manage to reopen. We do say to guests that things change on a weekly basis, and they get it.


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Text the link to their phone…


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Yeah, looks like a bug in Airbnb’s messaging system. However, isn’t that link embedded in your listing so that guests or potential guests can always see it? At worst, you can just tell the guest how to find the link in your listing.

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Same. Also of the ones that are open there are very FEW I can recommend for safety (outside dining with gas heaters or fire pits). I’ll happily recommend for carry out

Download it . Save as PDF . Use your phone to send to guest as an attack via Airbnb. @

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Can you get it a tinyurl link instead?

Here you go:

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As it’s the numbers that are the problem, maybe tinyurl could also not be accepted?

It is in the listing but it’s buried.

Definitely seems strange.

My understanding was that Airbnb shouldn’t do that to links to their own pages.

Are most people also printing guidebooks and leaving them in the properties or just keeping them digital?

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