Settings error 2 days blocked but booked 1 day apart

In my settings I have automatically set

to block two days before and after each booking because I don’t know if I will be home or not in between gives me time if I need to hire somebody to go in there and take care of it for me. Someone just instant booked yesterday and basically they’re checking out and I have somebody checking in the very next day? How does that even happen when I went back and looked in my settings still say block two days in between bookings? Makes me wonder if I should turn instant book off again?

Of course I contact Airbnb they finally get back to me and say they pretty much don’t have an answer why this happened?

We all know the software can be buggy. Why don’t you just go into your calendar and block the days your self?

Blocking days manually between reservations is not practical. It’s not even feasible if bookings come very close together.

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I’m pretty sure if you ask, Airbnb will “cancel by admin” (no penalty) since they made a mistake. You just have to decide whether you want to work a little extra for this reservation or not.

I have one day preparation time between bookings and the system hasn’t messed it up, yet. If it did, I’d sure want to try to make it work for a lucrative booking, but I know if the turnover was not on a Sat/Sun, it wouldn’t be possible.

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The problem is the set up time… I’m a flight attendant IF my flight is on time I’ll get home after midnight… if it’s delayed or cancelled I won’t know until last minute. So I’ll have to stay up all night cleaning or hire someone and hope they do it right. I come home exhausted so that’s not really something I want to do is clean all night.

The people who booked sound super nice it’s just bad timing… that’s why I have it set for 2 days. Because I need them!

Just pisses me off Airbnb all they said was sorry… well FWD this and I have not heard a peep!

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