Service Charges Sneeked in to the value of 9%

Has anybody else noticed that AirBnb has put a 9% service charge on bookings, and it is the way the writing under the question mark makes it appear that it is the Host that has applied the Service Charge.
I would be much happier, if the wording explained that it is AirBnb who receives the total of the Service Charge.
Are they too frightened to tell our clients that they are paying AirBnb 9% to stay with us the Hosts.

I don’t see anything “sneeked in” (“snuck” is grammatically correct, btw).

I’m looking at the half dozen stays I have planned over the next few months, and the Service Fee amount (not rate) is very obvious and easily seen. Nothing is hidden by any question marks. Are you looking at things as a Host or as a Guest? On a real computer? Or using an app on a cellphone or tablet?

Only in America. :slight_smile:

It should be ‘sneaked’. Apologies … normal service will be resumed shortly.


For a second there I thought ‘when did snuck become grammatically correct?’

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I know a few people who say ‘drug’ when they mean ‘dragged’. :slight_smile:

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Apparently snuck is new from the States. Interesting to know … drug is instead of drag is very funny, but I feel guilty laughing, the same way I feel guilty laughing at the US version for bum bag.

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fanny pack? :wink: And yet you have a beloved Author who named a main character Fanny!

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I’m the same :slight_smile:
I should be used to it by now but I also yell at the radio when someone says ‘dove’ instead of ‘dived’. I can be way too pedantic sometimes…

If it’s the book I’m thinking about I always thought that was deliberate :slight_smile:

Or maybe the book was the cause of the slang word?


You’re going to have to shed some light on who the author is. Fanny is not a common name so I’d remember if I’d read the book.

Dove. That’s not a bird, I take it? :slight_smile:

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I was thinking it was Fanny Hill. Oh and apologies to @dragon1 for taking over this topic! :slight_smile:

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She has to be talking about Enid Blyton (unsure of correct spelling)


“…when did snuck become grammatically correct?”

About the same time “squeezed” became “squoze”.

Yep, I know someone near-and-dear who says “squoze”, using it as the past tense of squeeze. Drives me batty.

Addendum: The dear-heart also says, “It’s water over the bridge.” (arrggh!)

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Assuming it’s Enid Blyton - which title?

That’s an obscure title though. Lols at maybe the book was the cause of the slang word! Haha!! @jaquo

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Water …over the bridge. Hehehe!!

I’m thinking of Jane Austen and Fanny Price in Mansfield Park.


Ah. Austen. Well it’s a pretty old novel and was written well before the English decided fanny was a rude word.

Weirdly I’ve read Mansfield Park. And obviously forgotten about it.

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Another that gets me yelling at the radio is ‘I could care less’ instead of I couldn’t care less’.

My great grandmother was called Fanny, short for Frances.

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