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Service Charges Sneeked in to the value of 9%


Since we’re on the topic… when did dick become slang for penis?

A Brazilian exchange student once asked in class “how do you get dick from Richard?” This was in reference to Dick Cheney, btw. My reply “I don’t get dick from Richard.” The roar of the class must have been heard several classrooms away. Sooo, I had to look it up. And while I can explain how to get dick from Richard I was not able to quite as definitively discover how dick became a “dirty” word.


Mmmm my Uncle is called Richard.

I just looked up dick on the internet and read: The use of the word dick is complicated by its continued use as a name, moby dick, spotted dick etc. Cue smile.

Spotted dick has all but disappeared over here.


I spotted (ahem!) a can of Spotted Dick in my local chain market. I always pause on that aisle and look at it.

Don’t know why.



The Magic Faraway Tree (my absolute childhood favourite!) springs to mind but I’m sure she uses that name for characters in other stories too.



(I choked and also roared with laughter, like your class.)

Years ago, we were sitting around playing a guessing game. The question was who was Penis van Lesbian. I got the answer. Dick van Dyke.


I think it’s Aunt Fanny in The Famous Five too


Now that was a snort-wine-all-over-the-keyboard comment! :joy: :joy: :joy:


@jaquo :

“My great grandmother was called Fanny, short for Frances.”

(My cousin was also called Fanny…but for another reason.)


You all posting are all crazy. I met Richard once and even did an oral report on how I was left abandoned outside New York City by “dick.” Of course this was a decade before Airbnb. But the name served me later and it “helped” my story. It was true.

And I could never eat a cake called “spotted dick” - oh helllll noooo… Maybe call it something after I rave about it, then tell me the real name. Other than that you might as well be saying here is “herpes delight.” :cry:


OMG, thank you. I was screaming scrolling down the thread - you illiterate buggers!


Meanwhile dragon1 is wondering what kind of crazy forum he or she has stumbled upon. One of those posters who hates off topic threads would be having a coronary about now.


Indeed! So, all you fannies, getting back on topic - it’s more like 12% service charge for guests isn’t it? But I don’t recall it being unclear in the price break-down. @dragon1, can you give a screenshot of what you mean?


I think I was dragged one time when I was drugged. :tongue:
Funny discussion. I love word play.

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