Serenity Now! Do they make disposable single use sheets?

2 couples, 2 nights, 2 sets of ruined sheets. WTF?

Honestly, I’ve been sleeping on the same sheets for going on 10 years. No stains.

I know, I know… COB but seriously this is getting out of hand. What am I supposed to do with all these ruined sheets? They still “work” just have marks that won’t wash out. They are all queen size so shelters won’t take them. I have six sets of sheets that have been slept on maybe 3 times each (a couple that only got to see one night).


What are they stained with?

What stain removal product did you use? Soaking in Napisan might help but it tends to do better if the stains haven’t been set by laundering.
Next do some attractive patterned sheets!

Not a clue. Just some oily looking spots. I washed them in baking soda with a vinegar rinse, I’ve used Oxyclean (isn’t that the same as Napisan?) I’ve used spray spot cleaner (again Oxyclean product) and I’ve added Borax to the water. Hung then on the line in the sun. Nothing. Sigh.

Oh well. COB!

Ask the guest… and I will do it on the platform so you can get compensated… and process a claim.

I have a cleaner called Genesis 950. I soaked a pillowcase with an oily looking spot and washed…still there. Soaked again and washed I may have washed 3 times but it’s gone now. It it had been an old pillowcase I’d have tossed it but of course it was one of my nicest ones. If it’s just a few spots try treating with something like Goo Gone in just the affected spots. Also keep an eye out for good sheets at a good price and then raise your price $2-3 a night. You’ll make enough to buy a new set of on sale sheets (like Target 400TC threshold) every month.

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Another thing since I started Airbnb…I don’t buy anything new for me. I use the old sheets and towels and always have new looking stuff in the Airbnb room.


Animal hospitals and humane societies will. And they’ll be very grateful.


One more thing for those of you with access to Costco. Recently I was there and saw their 420 TC 100% cotton sateen with 4 pillowcases (one set with a jacquard pattern so no need for shams) for $23 a set. If you have a Costco I hope you’ve learned how to recognize their mark downs. I had to paw through a whole pile to find the lone remaining queen set and it was in ivory, not white. But for $23 I’ll take it.

Yeah… getting compensated sounds nice but saying “what’s that spooge you left on my sheets” seems kinda wrong and embarrassing. LOL!

Goo gone – hadn’t considered that. Thanks! I’ll keep washing and hoping.

Yup. Got some from the Airbnb on my bed now.

There’s a thought. Thanks!

Unfortunately too rural for Costco.

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Here’s a question for the collective:

Would you consider washed sheets that have a stain on them (or are discolored) clean or is the fact that they have a mark on them still there mean they are dirty?

Just asking. I’m not even remotely thinking about putting them on a bed for guests. Just wondering how people view these kinds of things.

We’ve had similar threads. I’m totally in the camp of no you don’t use anything the guest might see the stain on. Mattress, mattress pad, pillow, duvet cover etc. If my duvet was stained but covered I’d probably buy a second cover for the duvet so if they took the first one off they wouldn’t see the stain.

My feeling is the guest decides if that’s acceptable and if they see the stain and mention it in the review, it’s true! And you can call it unfair and nit pickey and you have a budget listing or whatever other excuses are out there but…the guest writes the review and gives the stars.

I’m totally with you on the guest thing. I was just wondering if people in general would consider their own sheets to still be dirty or “clean with a spot/stain.” I can’t decide myself if I feel it is now a “clean oily mark” or still a “dirty oily mark on a otherwise clean sheet”. LOL!

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What I have done in the past is say… Hi… I want to make sure I treat the stains correctly… since using the incorrect product can set the stain in and ruin them. Can you let me know what you was spilled?

This also begins the claim process and Airbnb sees that you tried to correct the problem.


Here in the UK Asda (Walmart) sometimes do high thread count pure cotton for silly prices. I got a dove grey king size set once for £20. Looks like it cost 3 or 4 times that.

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If it’s a laundered stain it’s 100% clean. It’s just that whatever it was has dyed the fabric. I would use such things myself but not for guests. Mind you I have one guest duvet with a minute pen mark, but that can’t be confused with bodily fluids.

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Yep and this also educates the guest.

What’s wrong is they didn’t tell you in the first place. It’s not like you’re naming and shaming them all over the internet. They need to know the consequences, and do you want those guests back anyway?

Hairspray take out ink.



Thanks. I tried a stain devil but no joy. I only have some organic hairspray, chemical stuff would probably be better.